Every American should burn a flag

I hesitate to call anyone anti- or un-American, as the experience is so varied and complex that there is no way to define the “right” way to be American.

Matthew Wallace | Staff Writer

The people’s role in Syria intervention

While President Barack Obama has decided not to intervene in Syria (at least for now) following a deal brokered by Russia that would force Bashar al-Assad to turn over his country’s chemical weapons stockpiles to international monitors, reactions to the possibility of a military intervention in Syria elicited a wide array of responses and non-responses […]

Editorial Cartoon: Yes of course I believe you!

| Student Life

Editorial Cartoon (4/11): Colbear Nation

Alex Berger | Student Life

Dan Deacon: “America”

Everyone’s favorite bespectacled avant-garde electro-pop connoisseur Dan Deacon is back with a mind-melting journey across the USA. Apparently, amidst the barrage of synths and samples lies a commentary on consumerism and environmental destruction.

PBS journalist speaks on politics and faith

Ray Suarez, senior correspondent for PBS NewsHour and host of the radio program “America Abroad,” spoke at Graham Chapel Thursday evening. In his speech, Suarez explored the effects that religion has on politics in American society. His speech, titled “The Holy Vote: The Politics of Faith in America,” followed the subject matter of his 2006 book of the same title.

| News Editor

The American dating game

In Europe, dating is a simple concept. You meet a girl you like, you make subtle moves to get to know her, and then eventually, you ask her out. Or if you’re shy, you add her on Facebook and constantly press the reload button on her page, sighing whimsically at how she would never fall for someone like you, a bottle of whisky and a box of Kleenexes at the ready.

| Staff Columnist

The American pharaoh

As of today, protestors continue to flood the streets of Egypt demanding the removal of thirty year “President” Hosni Mubarak. The 82 year-old ruler’s response has been dissolving the government (except himself), releasing his thugs upon the protestors, and stating that he won’t run again in September. Mubarak further enflamed Egyptians by stating last week that if he stepped down as leader, the country would sink into chaos.

| Staff Columnist

Who you should root for this weekend

The Pittsburgh Steelers are facing the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XLV this weekend. With only two teams left, most football fans will be left without a team to cheer for. If you’re stuck in this situation, or you have no interest in the NFL whatsoever and want to pick a side, here’s a geographic guide to cheering.

Sports Staff

US-Israel relationship: A strategic American asset

Israel remains a strategic asset to America, making a strong US-Israel relationship critical to American success. When determining the benefits to the United States of a diplomatic relationship with another country, one must look at the benefit the relationship has on American civilian, military and diplomatic goals, as well as the reliability of ally.

| Staff Columnist

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