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‘What happened in New York could happen here’: Climate change and Hurricane Ida’s impact on the WU community

Fallout from Hurricane Ida is forcing the WU community to reckon with the impact of climate change.

Isabella DiGenova | Contributing Reporter

WU encourages students to use new smartphone contact tracing service developed at WUSM

WUSM’s new MO/Notify app uses bluetooth technology to alert users if they have been near someone who recently tested positive.

Trey Sharp | Contributing Reporter

After year of pandemic restrictions and budget cuts, Mellon Grant provides hope to Prison Education Project staff

After receiving a $980,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation leaders of WU’s Prison Education Project plan to expand the program.

Kasey Noss | Staff Reporter

WU launches new interdepartmental Brain Tumor Center

Washington University announced a new Brain Tumor Center at the School of Medicine

William Labrador | Contributing Reporter

Pfizer rollout begins at WUSM campus following pause in J&J distribution

Washington University’s vaccine clinic reopened on Friday, April. 16 with a new supply of Pfizer vaccines, after the CDC and FDA’s call to pause distribution of J&J vaccines caused it to shut down briefly

Orli Sheffey and Kasey Noss | Senior News Editor and Contributing Reporter

Op-Ed: After a series of miscues, Wash. U. has failed students

Nonetheless, Wash. U. has the capability to support and accommodate students in this defining moment in the school’s history. There are only a few weeks left in the semester: It’s now or never.

Evan Jenness & Jojo Spio | Class of 2023

None of this was meant for me

Because of all of my ancestors, all of the people fighting injustice over the years, I got to be there that day—a student at a top university sitting in Graham Chapel like I belonged.

Dakotah Jennifer | Staff Writer

Op-Ed: Let’s re-imagine academic Academic Integrity

Addressing this problem requires us to attack the roots of academic integrity violations, namely archaic academic standards and student mental health.

Ranen Miao | Class of 2023

Op-Ed: The day after

If I am holding hands with a girl then, it would be because of my queerness. I never thought that most likely, it would be because I’m Asian.

Jarea Fang | Class of 2022

Op-Ed: Disaggregate the diaspora

Our campaign, Disaggregate the Diaspora, is based on the fundamental truth that those in positions of power—not at Wash. U., not anywhere—cannot serve students while generalizing individual diasporas into these wide labels.

Ranen Miao, Class of 2023 | Christian Monzon, Class of 2022 | Jessica Yu, Class of 2021

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