A senior’s reflections on change

In making social movements trending topics online, we also somewhat dissociate from their reality, making the activism itself dependent on algorithms and a majority stance. But we can’t afford to repeatedly relearn everything we committed so much reeducation to in 2020.

| Senior Forum Editor

‘Campus was absolute chaos’: One year later, students reflect on the start of the pandemic

We asked students to reflect on their experience with the cancellation of school in March 2020. Here are their stories in their own words

WU professors on what to make of the election going forward

On Wednesday morning, the day after Election Day, I sat down over Zoom with John Inazu, a Professor of Law, Religion, and Political Science, and Mark Valeri, a professor of religion and politics, to ask them about the outcome of election night.

| Staff Writer

No unity within the Democratic party

The candidates and voters need to recognize the vast importance of unity and the even more important task of electing any Democrat over President Trump.

Joshua Shapiro | Contributing Writer

Practical new year’s resolutions: Small ways to reach your goals

Although you might still accidentally write “2019” when putting the date at the top of documents, it’s finally 2020. And with every new year comes new resolutions. We create admirable goals that we think will improve our lives and, at least for a second, feel that this will finally be the year we achieve them.

| Senior Scene Editor

Debate recap: 12 angry, mostly unnecessary people

I’m sorry, but that’s just way too many people for how late in the game it is. We’re now about a year away from the election, and anyone who believes that the nomination is still a 12-person race is fooling themselves.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Forum Editor

The impact of Pete Buttigieg recounting his coming out story

When asked about professional setbacks and resilience, Buttigieg described the struggle of balancing his sexual orientation with his political career. “I had to wonder whether just acknowledging who I was was going to be the ultimate, career-ending professional setback.”

Adrianna Linn | Contributing Writers

Beto had his best night yet–at the cost of another Trump term

It was a powerful and much-needed bravado from a candidate in the face of an epidemic of gun violence and gave Beto the best night of his candidacy thus far—at the cost of a second Trump term.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Forum Editor

Single-issue debates are a better course for the DNC

Hosting these single-issue debates would be the Democrats’ best course of action in the current state of their party.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Forum Editor

The Democrats’ uphill battle to 2020

The biggest challenge facing Democratic candidates in a field this crowded is standing out.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Forum Editor

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