Staff editorial: How to woo your boo at WU

Ah, it’s that time of the year again. The time of hearts and flowers. For some, Valentine’s Day is a reminder (and a motivator) to continue the search for love. If that sounds like you, our Editorial Board is here with some tips for how to find your soul mate (or just a date, or a friend) on campus.

Actually go to class

You know that class you always skip because it’s at 9 a.m. and you’re so tired and the professor doesn’t take attendance and the lectures are always recorded anyway? Try going for once! The love of your life just might be one of those overachievers who always show up for lecture. — Ella Chochrek, Director of Special Projects

Once you’re in class, drop some knowledge

One of the quickest ways to get on someone’s radar in class is to make a really great point during discussions. Know-it-alls get a bad rap. If you know a lot about the topic being discussed during class that day, say something! If you did the reading and found something interesting, talk about it! Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge, and do so confidently. Impressing people with your intellect is a great way to make a first impression. Plus, who doesn’t want to catch someone’s eye while earning participation points at the same time? — Chalaun Lomax, Director of Diversity Initiatives

Fall in love with yourself

You know what attracts people to you? Being someone who you would date. There is nothing that screams “I wanna marry that” than someone who has confidence in themselves and knows what they need. Find clubs and activities you love, build the body you want to have, find happiness in what you do. Loving who you are is visible to others and eventually, you’ll be that person who you love more than yourself. — Matt Wallace, Forum Editor

Find some new DMs to slide into

Sending that “u up?” through either your WUSTL email or LinkedIn is an immediate signal to a potential partner of your mature disposition and career-driven personality. When you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level, let them know you’re serious about a future together by hitting that “compose message” button on the housing portal: “hey, bby, i see u also answered ‘never’ for only usin ur room for study purposes ;))))))))” — HN Hoffmann, Director of Digital Content

Be outgoing, but also normal

It’s hard to overstate how many people who think they are being fun and outgoing are actually being incredibly annoying. Set yourself apart from the crowd by being both talkative and engaging and not a huge weirdo! Don’t serially message people! Overall, the most attractive thing is usually just being comfortable with yourself, and people will tell if you’re trying too hard; so, just be yourself, and someone will probably be into it. — Jon Lewis, Associate Editor

Treat people with basic respect

This should be incredibly simple, and for the most part people are capable of it with their non-romantic interests. Here’s a quick tip people–potential partners appreciate being treated like human beings with thoughts and feelings and independence etc. and not just a goal to be achieved just as much as non-potential partners. That’s not the reason you should do it–you should do that because it’s basic decency–but hey, it’s a nice side effect. — Sam Seekings, Editor-in-Chief

Join a club that interests you

Find something you’re passionate about, and pursue it to the best of your ability. Not only will you feel fulfilled doing what you love, you’ll naturally be surrounded by people who share that same energy and get your vibe. Fun bonus tip: It’s never too late! Your interests can grow and morph over time––even as an upperclassman you can take part in a new activity that sparks something, internally or romantically. — Rohan Gupta, Senior Sports Editor

Hold out for the right one

Sometimes college feels like a desert with no eligible partners in sight. It often feels like no matter who you attract they’re going to turn out the same—disappointing. Maybe you have multiple interests, or people waiting in the wings or there’s just this person that really vibes with you. Just because they like you doesn’t mean you have to date them, even if you think no one better is going to come around. College is four years long, and then you’re in the real world. Don’t waste your time on someone that doesn’t check all your boxes. — Katy Hutson, Senior Scene Editor

I don’t know. Someone please tell me, I’d really like to find out

I genuinely have no clue, but I’m open to any and all suggestions. However, here’s what I can say. Do not talk about your 15-hour “feels” playlist. You probably won’t find the one attending Ursa’s Valentine’s chocolate-making alone. I speak from personal experience. Whatever, rom-coms are so much better than real life anyway. — Jaden Satenstein, Senior Scene Editor

Don’t be a complete a–hole

This shouldn’t be too controversial, but we’ve all met people who really need it spelled out for them: Try to actually be a genuinely kind, pleasant person, because if you are genuinely a good person, love will find you. — Jeremy Goldstein, Copy Chief

Find the other person at the party who is also deeply uncomfortable

For introverts, going out to parties and actually meeting and talking to people can feel utterly terrifying. All the people, loud music, chit-chatting. The stuff of nightmares. I tend to find myself standing on the side deciding whether it is socially acceptable to go home. It is here, in the anguish of social interaction, that I often find other terrified introverts. Approach, carefully. — Lauren Alley, Senior Forum Editor

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