Opinion Submission: Hatred and the need for empathy

It should be clear that any attack on any human is injustice; it is our moral obligation to free ourselves from these narrow walls, to recognize the humanity in one another and raise our voices against all forms of violence.

| Class of 2026

Opinion Submission: To support Israel you must also support Palestine

We, people who wish to see Israel exist as a healthy democracy, have to confront the reality that Israel has undergone an incredibly alarming rightward shift in recent years, and that Palestinians have paid the price for it.

| Class of 2026

The Generational Curse of Colorism

We must stop accepting colorist music and television, stop adhering to the beliefs portrayed in the media, and reject the racist ideologies forced onto society as a result of slavery.

| Contributing Writer

Staff Editorial: Navigating Thanksgiving Break

Whether you’re getting on a plane to see family, road-tripping to a friend’s house, or staying local, be mindful of the variety of experiences and emotions this time of year can bring.

Understanding Forum’s process and content

In light of the recent uptick in opinion submissions, the Forum editorial staff has decided to put together an outline of our editing process and journalistic goals. 

Don’t let yourself be isolated by self-care trends

Maintaining relationships requires effort from all sides, and it’s crucial to remember that staying connected is a shared responsibility. 

and | Junior Forum Editor and Contributing Writer

Everything you know about furries is wrong

Furries seem to be a touchy subject, but why? These interviewees’ perspectives challenge misconceptions about furries.

and | Contributing Writers

Opinion Submission: Supporters of campus repression exploit the Israel/Palestine situation

We all should be wary of efforts to use legitimate grief and fear over the war to advance an old agenda that aims at the freedom that makes academic life so valuable.

| Senior Lecturer, Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design; Lecturer, American Culture Studies

Opinion Submission: Stop the killing in Gaza, and end aid to Israel

There is no reason the U.S. should be aiding Israel and abetting war crimes. Yet the massacre of innocents goes on.

| Professor of Anthropology

Staff Editorial: Get your flu shot and COVID-19 booster

Here is a list of places to get your flu shots and COVID-19 boosters to make the process even easier.

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