RIB (Rest in Burrito): A eulogy for the Delmar Loop Chipotle

| Senior Scene Editor

On Monday, The Riverfront Times reported that the Chipotle on the Delmar Loop is closing its doors at the end of the month. It’s not part of the trend of high restaurant turnover on the Loop due to financial troubles; it’s because the lease for the space is up, and Chipotle is choosing to relocate to a new more convenient space nearby.

There’s no set reopening date yet. I know it’s going to reopen, but I’m still heartbroken. There is something about the Loop Chipotle that’s different from all the other Chipotles. It’s special. Maybe it’s because the location is such a convenient after-class stop. Maybe it’s because it’s the Chipotle that has most largely characterized my college experience. Maybe it’s because the employees at that Chipotle are the only ones that don’t think it’s sad that a Chipotle has largely characterized my college experience.

I think, though, that it was the employees. If you’ve never gotten the chance to hang out with that Chipotle team, I highly recommend it. I know you’re probably thinking, “Rima, how do you hang out with them? Are you just that close to them?” The answer is no! I just spend a lot of time in there, and no one tells me to leave! It’s one of the few places where I make eye contact with strangers for fun.

I know that even as I wallow in my pit of despair, it’s necessary that I express my gratitude for all the times the employees at the Chipotle have come through for me.

There was that one times that I came in for a veggie bowl. It turned out that they were out of guacamole that day. My face fell, but I didn’t want to be a baby about it. Then, for no reason, they gave me the bowl for free. Just because they ran out of guac!

And then there was that other time that I stumbled in on a Saturday morning. I was hungover, I hadn’t showered, my hair was a garbage pile and my face looked exceptionally grumpy. The moment I stepped in, the entire team gave me a head nod and complimented my jacket. I know they probably have to compliment everyone who comes in during off-hours, but it felt so genuine that I forgot that I smelled like a fraternity basement.

Thank you, Delmar Loop Chipotle, for being so charitable to me. Thank you to the entire Chipotle team for being so cohesive, and for seeming like you guys were really good friends in real life. Thank you for making Chipotle taste extra good and for making me forget about that time that you guys had a nationwide E. coli outbreak. Honestly, you guys could probably make E. coli taste really good. If anyone on the team were ever in a situation where their life was in danger unless someone else ate E. coli for them, I would do it. I would eat E. coli for any of you guys. Is that too much? I’m sorry.

I’ll miss you, Delmar Loop Chipotle.

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