‘Chipotle Challengers’: The chain restaurant that powered one freshman’s March Madness bracket to the top

Freshman Kyle Puckett used each men’s basketball team’s distance from Chipotle to build a bracket that was briefly fourth in the world.

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RIB (Rest in Burrito): A eulogy for the Delmar Loop Chipotle

On Monday, The Riverfront Times reported that the Chipotle on the Delmar Loop is closing its doors at the end of the month. It’s not part of the trend of high restaurant turnover on the Loop due to financial troubles; it’s because the lease for the space is up, and Chipotle is choosing to relocate to a new more convenient space nearby.

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Business school pursues Starbucks in new complex

Kaldi’s Coffee may soon be facing more competition on campus as the Olin Business School considers hosting a Starbucks in the under-construction Bauer Hall. Contract negotiations with Starbucks have not been finalized, according to Brian Bannister, associate dean for finance and administration in the business school.

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Bauhaus goes green with limited success

The Green Events Commission (GEC) worked in collaboration with the Architecture School Council to install these bins and help make Bauhaus a more sustainable event.

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PLAY:stl Festival

The PLAY:stl festival is upon us again. Now in its third year, the weekend boasts more than 100 bands on 10 stages. St. Louis’ premier music festival has been steadily growing since its inception in 2007, from 90 bands on seven stages to 99 bands over three days in 2008. The bands are mostly on […]

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Wash. U. gone W.I.L.D.

So we all know what happened last weekend, right? W.I.L.D., that’s what. Talib Kweli, some other people. Great times, right? Well, I wouldn’t know. Let me tell you why.

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The Chipotle guy: in defense of dissent

The umbrage I take at Ms. Croner’s column “Chipotle and voting” [Oct. 2] is not presumptuous: I wholly admit to being the “Chipotle Guy.”

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Chipotle and voting

Not long ago, I waited 45 minutes in line with my roommates to get a free Chipotle burrito.

| Forum Editor

Student Union seeks surge in school spirit

Jeff Nelson, Student Union’s vice president for administration, has a plan to draw students to school events: free fast food.

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