Going to an STL City SC Game? Tips to Get Ready for the Big Day.

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Illustration by Jamie Hebel

Last year, St. Louis City, a newly-founded Major League Soccer (MLS) team, made a roaring debut, soaring to the #1 spot in the MLS rankings for the 2023 season. This year, with a cult following and the stature of an accomplished soccer team, it will be sure to have some exciting games in store. CityPark, the team’s home stadium in the Downtown West neighborhood of St. Louis, opened in November 2022 in preparation for the 2023 season. I visited CityPark for STL CITY’s home opening game, and to say I was impressed would be an understatement.

  1. Consider second level seats when buying tickets. While the hustle and bustle of a seat at either end of the field brings more excitement to the game, a seat higher up, with an undeniably great view, might be a better option. Sitting just a little higher not only gives you vantage over the whole field, but also is nice if you’re more interested in taking in the crowd. I witnessed some of the best chanting, red flares, and massive sea of red and blue from an angle that I was able to enjoy it all from. Even though slightly calmer, don’t think that the fans up in the stands aren’t as die-hard as they are near the ground.
  2. See if any events are happening in the area before the game. While the Smino Block Party was a special event for the home opener, the CityPark has hosted events for many regular season games in the past, and will presumably host more this year. Attending one of these lively and fun pre-game events only makes you more excited to see them play and also makes one feel like a real St. Louisan (even if you aren’t).
  3. Inside the stadium isn’t the only place to buy merchandise. Official STL City merch can be found in many other places than the store located inside of CityPark. Just across the street is the official team store, which is less busy and also has more options than the smaller stadium store. Also, if you are going on a whim, there are STL City merchandise pop-ups located directly outside of the main parking garage. Merch or no merch, make sure you wear their signature colors to the game or else you’ll stick out like a sore thumb.
  4. Don’t miss out on some of St. Louis’ best eats. To compliment a great team is great food at CityPark. In their first season, the stadium introduced a mountain of food and drink options, partnering with local eateries for completely-local food offerings. Some menu items being introduced in 2024 “include the O+O burger from Olive + Oak, hummus and chicken shawarma from Olio, fried chicken sandwiches from Sunday Best, and burritos with kimchi rice from Seoul Taco. Also, hate waiting in lines? On the STL City Soccer app, you can easily mobile order food and pick it up.
  5. Explore the area before the game! STL City’s stadium is located in a vibrant part of St. Louis, and just a few blocks away is the iconic Union Station, packed with plenty of fun activities, from the Aquarium to the Ferris wheel, to check out before the game. In case you have a craving for some St. Louis classic eats before the game, consider checking out some of the area’s restaurant options: Beffa’s for some St. Louis Classics, Schalfly’s Tap Room for some classic soccer match eats, or Havana’s Cuisine for some Cuban flavor!

With these tips in mind, grab a mate and some red or blue, and watch as St. Louis City dominates in the 2024 MLS Season!


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