BFA seniors showcase bodies of work

Sophia Fox-Dichter | Contributing Author

Courtesy of Kristie Wickwire
If you have been looking for art school seniors around Bixby, Steinberg and Walker Halls in the past week, the search would have been in vain. Each Friday from the last week in March through the end of April, the Des Lee Gallery will be hosting a different BFA show. The painting majors showed their work last Thursday and Friday. This Friday will be the printmaking seniors, April 12 the photography seniors and April 19 the sculpture seniors. Gallery season is upon us.

Last Friday, the painting show sets a high bar, filling the one room Des Lee gallery with more than 100 excited visitors within the span of three hours. Marisa Adesman, Mara Cruvant, Becky Daniel, Raina Koller, Michael Osheroff, Annie Sayers, Zach Swanson, Rachael Tellerman and Kristie Wickwire, the nine seniors graduating with BFAs in painting, showed up to six pieces each.

Wickwire remarks, “I always thought that more things would actually go into [the show], but I’m happy with what I ended up putting in. I don’t think it would have been as strong if I put in more work.”

Each artist’s contributions to the show, while not complete collections of his work, represented his individual aesthetics well. Fashion design major Felicia Podberesky says she “knew a lot of their styles of work from being in Florence with them” and enjoyed the chance to see their most recent productions.

While this show exhibited the work of painting majors, not all of the artworks took the form of traditional paintings. One of Daniel’s works was a video combining clips from the movie Metropolis with footage of the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, a low-pitched explosion-like sound repeating in the background. Wickwire contributed a deck of playing cards with phrases on each describing why X and Y have a disproportionate romantic relationship. Examples include “X loves Y but Y is insecure” and “Y loves X but X loves someone else.” Koller exhibited coffee filters held by clamps, each composition resembling a flower. Katherine Olvera, a senior majoring in fashion design, enjoyed the diversity of medium, commenting, “It was also a neat show because even though it was painting, it expanded the definition of painting.”

This Friday, the printmaking show is likely to follow the same trend by expanding the definition of the term printmaking. In addition to two-dimensional work, this year’s printmaking seniors have tried their hands at installation and sculpture as well as prints.

Senior Martin Melto, who will show his work in the printmaking BFA show, installed his pieces in the Des Lee gallery this past Monday. “My work is already up,” he says, “so now I’m just anxious.”

There are 13 printmaking majors with work in the Friday show, four more artists than showed work in the painting show. Melto says that exhibiting work more than a month before studio classes end helped motivate him. Melto has more work that he will make after the show but appreciates this earlier deadline because “it made [him] have to come up with something really quickly and not think too much about it.”

The printmaking show on April 5 will exhibit the work of Kelsey Brod, Julie Cronan, Jessica Hing, Anya Liao, Martin Melto, Katie Olson, Elisabeth Roeleveld, Mia Salamone, Carmi Salzberg, Rachel Sperry, Katie Walker, Joe Winograd and Rici Wittkugel. The show will be held from 6pm-9pm in the Des Lee Gallery at 1627 Washington Avenue.

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