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Burlesque Bingo at The Fountain on Locust

When I first walked into The Fountain on Locust, two sites immediately stood out: a large spotlight with its beam being manually swung across the dimly lit restaurant and a woman in pasties grabbing her breasts as she walked around the tables of whistling patrons—just another night at Burlesque Bingo, a unique event that The Fountain hosts every first Thursday of the month.

SwedLife brings swagger and street culture to the Loop

On any given day, a mix of neighborhood skaters, underground hip-hop artists, college students and DJs might be found gathered inside SwedLife, St. Louis’ very own street apparel store. Owners Seth Feldman and Lucas Olivieri wouldn’t have it any other way, thriving from the constant attention their store attracts.

Introducing Miss Betty Shannon

If Betty Shannon is your cashier during your next visit to Bear’s Den, don’t be surprised if you leave with more than your stir-fry. She may give advice on topics like the job market or housing, offer a big hug, engage you in friendly chatter, ask to take your picture or surprise you with a smile.

| Scene Editor

WUmbledore’s Army: A magical addition to the WU community

The Quidditch players scurry about the field, clutching broomsticks as they chase after the Quaffle, a volleyball. A few players run around, throwing Bludgers (rubber kickballs) at others to knock the Quaffle from their hands. Meanwhile, the Snitch, a person dressed in all yellow, runs sporadically around and outside of the field in an attempt to evade capture.

| Scene Reporter

Stepping into fiction WU alum publishes first novel

When Jeff Stepp graduated from Washington University in 2006, he could hardly guess that he would find his way back through fiction writing. Although his background is in music and film, Stepp recently wrote his first novel, “Lost and Found,” which draws heavily on his time here at the University.

| Scene Reporters

Breaking down gender barriers as WU’s first female ROTC battalion commander

Senior Rachel Atkins has challenged the male dominated Army establishment with her appointment to cadet battalion commander for Washington University’s Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC). Atkins is the first female to attain the rank in the Gateway Battalion’s history.

| Scene Assignment Editor

The culture of Carnaval

What started out as a fun idea involving a small group of Washington University students has expanded into a full-blown tradition, the cultural phenomenon known as Carnaval. Put on by the Association of Latin American Students (ALAS), Carnaval features a wide variety of cultural dances, such as salsa and belly dancing, along with an informational skit about some of the misrepresentations and concerns of the culture.

| Scene Reporter

Crafts by Youth

Imagine having the talent and drive needed to reach your goals but the inability to achieve success due to intense economic and environmental hardships. This is the tragic predicament that countless youths living in Uganda are facing right now. Many of these youths go hungry for most of a given week, are orphaned or live in precarious family environments, and are unable to afford school.

| Scene Online Editor

BlackBean Burger Club

When you think of the classic American food, you probably think of a hamburger. But with a growing vegetarian population, the classic American burger has taken on a variety of forms. That’s where the black bean burger comes in; it’s a meatless burger substitute that has become one of the main staples in the diets of vegetarian and vegan students alike at Washington University.

| Scene Online Features Editor

VIDEO: Juggling Showcase

httpvhd:// Junior Jeremy Perkins and almunus Thom Wall ’09, members of the Washington University National Prestigious Society of Collegiate Jugglers, provide instruction on how to juggle. The group hosted a juggling showcase on Friday and Saturday featuring juggles from as far as Sweden and Las Vegas. Watch the video above for a Student Life exclusive.

| Student Life Editors

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