Highly anticipated premiere kicked off with Hunger Games simulation

| Staff Reporter

Of the 18 students competing in Washington University’s month-long, freshman class Hunger Games tournament, one finally emerged victorious less than 24 hours before the school-wide Hunger Games Premier Party Thursday night. Eric Bishop, representing Beaumont Dorm, won the competition and 20 free tickets to the Hunger Games movie premier.

The competition, sponsored by the Freshman Class Council, pitted two randomly selected students, a male and a female, from each of the 9 freshman dorms against each other in an assassin’s game based on one of the most anticipated films of the year.

The game leads up to Thursday night’s school-wide Hunger Games Premier Party. The event, co-sponsored by the Freshman Class Council, Junior Class Council and Congress of the South Forty, will include Hunger Games-themed food and ticket distribution for students who have paid to attend the movie premier at the Esquire.

“[We’ve] really worked to make this an all-school event. And that’s something that I think Wash. U. really needs, and that’s something I think the class councils can work together with CS40 to bring more of to campus,” Freshman Class Council president Emma Tyler said.

Over 700 people have purchased movie premier tickets, which include admission to the movie and bussing to the theater. In addition, the winner of the Hunger Games tournament will receive 20 free tickets to the premiere.

The idea for the Hunger Games competition originated with Andrew Hausdorf, the Freshman Class Council Treasurer, said Tyler.

“We always wanted to do some sort of assassin’s tournament for the class,” she said. “We decided to do it with the Hunger Games and kind of go along with the theme for the book.”

Freshman could sign up for a chance to participate in the competition for about a week. Then a male and a female were randomly selected from each freshman dorm.

“[In the book,] there is a male and a female chosen from each district, so, in our minds, the dorms were kind of the districts,” Tyler said. “It really went with the theme and the general idea of the book.”

Each participant received a target, and participants were gradually eliminated. Before Bishop defeated Tylon Wang from Lien for the win.

The Premier Party, which will be held from 8:30 to 10:30 p.m. in the Gargoyle, will not only serve as venue for distributing the movie tickets, but will also showcase food themed for each of the districts in the Hunger Games.

For example, said Tyler, gray-colored popcorn represents the coalmining district and tea sandwiches, dips, and crostini represents the grain district.

“Wash. U. Dining Services has been really great with coming up with creative ideas for each district,” Tyler said.

Tyler said that she was particularly excited about the overarching appeal that the Hunger Games Premier Party brought to campus.

“We’re really excited to have an event that so many students from different groups on campus are excited about,” she said.

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