Emma Tyler

Resolution to add SU president to board of trustees passes Senate

A resolution calling on the Washington University board of trustees to add the Student Union president to the board passed Student Union Senate unanimously on March 17.

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New Student Union VP chosen a week after surprise resignation

Junior Chan Kwon has been announced as Student Union’s new vice president of public relations, replacing junior Brian Benton after the former VP’s surprise resignation last week.

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Student Union’s vice president of public relations resigns from post unexpectedly

In a surprise resignation, junior Brian Benton, Student Union’s vice president of public relations, stepped down from his post earlier this week, citing personal reasons for his departure.

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Freshman class council elected without slate system

This year’s Freshman Class Council elections, which saw the highest voter turnout in years, signaled the beginning of the end for the slate system.

Stephanie Peres-da-Silva | Contributing Reporter

SU’s removal of freshman slates shows encouraging signs

The dissolution of the slate system removes a cumbersome barrier to entry for freshmen, allowing more interested students to run and fostering a more competitive environment that should lead to stronger slates overall and greater voter participation. The new electoral system, in turn, will lead to better Freshman Class Council-sponsored events and activities while nurturing a culture of political commitment on campus.

New SU Executive Board eyes stronger bonds, better engagement with students: Eliminating slates, improving SU website part of Elevate!’s agenda

The newly elected board of Student Union executive officers is a group of SU insiders hoping to cut bureaucracy where numerous exec slates before them have failed. Junior Emma Tyler, former president of Social Programming Board, was elected president and will succeed current president Matt Re on Thursday, April 3.

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Highly anticipated premiere kicked off with Hunger Games simulation

Of the 18 students competing in Washington University’s month-long, freshman class Hunger Games tournament, one finally emerged victorious less than 24 hours before the school-wide Hunger Games Premier Party Thursday night. Eric Bishop, representing Beaumont Dorm, won the competition and 20 free tickets to the Hunger Games movie premier.

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Q&A with the new Freshman Class Council President

Student Life sat down with newly elected Freshman Class Council President Emma Tyler on Wednesday. Here is what we learned about her and her goals for her new position.

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Slate Louis beats five-slate field, elected to Freshman Class Council

Emma Tyler will be the next president of the Freshman Class Council after earning more than 30 percent of the votes in the election. The results were announced Wednesday evening. Tyler’s entire slate, “Slate Louis,” was elected.

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