Slate Louis beats five-slate field, elected to Freshman Class Council

| Senior News Editor

Courtesy of Christine Pavia

Members of the newly elected Freshman Class Council: (L-R) President Emma Tyler, Internal Vice President Jodi Small, Treasurer Andrew Hausdorf, Secretary Kara Chung, External Vice President Andy Lee.

Emma Tyler will be the next president of the Freshman Class Council after earning more than 30 percent of the votes in the election.

The results were announced Wednesday evening.

Tyler’s entire slate, “Slate Louis,” was elected. The slate includes External Vice President Andy Lee, Internal Vice President Jodi Small, Secretary Kara Chung and Treasurer Andrew Hausdorf.

Five slates ran in the highly competitive election. Michelle Winner, of the “Fun to the Fifth” slate, came in second place in the election for president with 26.9 percent of the votes.

“I’m excited to meet more members of the class of ‘15 and to hear their ideas…and make this the best freshman year possible for everyone,” Tyler said.

The Freshman Class Council will work with the other branches of Student Union, including Senate and Treasury, to advocate on behalf of the freshman class and to program activities for the class.

“I was happy to see so much enthusiasm. It was impressive to see how much time and thought went into it. I am excited to work with them,” Student Union President John Harrison York said.

A total of 699 freshmen voted in the election. This is almost 47 percent of the 1,497-person class.

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