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Choreographer Léna Blou gives a class and lecture on Guadeloupean Gwo-ka dance during visit

Léna Blou, choreographer, dancer, and educator, paid a visit to Washington University to give a class on the Guadeloupean Gwo-ka dance and a lecture titled “Performing the Political,” leaving encouraging remarks for students who love dancing to continue their artistic pursuit, April 19.

| Staff Writer

Justice Sotomayor Pays a Visit to Washington University

Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor participated in a public discussion with Chancellor Andrew Martin on April 5. (Zoe Oppenheimer/Student Life)

and | Managing Scene Editor, Staff Writer

SU Treasury reallocates fall WILD funding, increasing spring WILD budget to unprecedented $340,000

The new budget was $145,000 higher than the amount initially allocated for the spring event.

| Senior News Editor

Fall WILD canceled as SPB looks to host in-person spring concert

SPB will attempt to use the money that would have been used for the fall concert to fund the spring event instead.

| Managing Editor

WU holds first ever Sophomore Welcome for Class of 2024 after largely virtual first year

WU’s sophomore class participated in the first ever Sophomore Welcome, an orientation program aimed at helping sophomores adjust to a more in-person semester.

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Class of 2025 gathers for first in-person convocation ceremony in two years

Washington University held its first in-person convocation ceremony in two years for the incoming freshman class of 2025.

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Dr. Julie Gerberding, first woman director of CDC, to be commencement speaker for Class of 2020

Dr. Gerberding, who was the first woman to serve as CDC director, will be the keynote speaker at the class of 2020’s delayed commencement ceremony

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‘Failing to act urgently is unreasonable’: Cori Bush calls for racial justice at WU climate change dialogue

Congresswoman Cori Bush and other community leaders discussed methods for combatting climate change in MO at a Washington University and UMSL hosted panel

| Staff Reporter

Campus Crossfire debate highlights political differences between WU students

The 2020 Campus Crossfire debate featured a fast-paced discussion with few areas of overlap between representatives from the College Democrats and College Republicans.

Em McPhie | Senior News Editor

Class of 2020 awaits update to commencement ceremony ‘like no other in our history’

A committee tasked with devising alternate plans for the 2020 Commencement ceremony is aiming to release updates by early May.

Ali Gold | Senior Editor

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