Letter from the Editors

and | Co-Editor-in-Chiefs

Hey readers, 

It’s about to be summer, and we are feeling pretty bittersweet as we say goodbye to the Class of 2024. The seniors are some of our biggest role models and mentors, and we would not be here as students and people without them. Looking back, so much has happened from the beginning of the year to now, and it is hard to imagine a time when campus was this busy. Despite their crazy course loads, many students are taking the time to engage with the community that surrounds them — and that is so inspiring. This summer, we encourage all students, including ourselves, to find time to take a break and relax. Do something that will help you recharge and reset your mind so that, in the fall, we can return to campus feeling refreshed and excited.

At Student Life, we have told the story of Washington University’s campus this year, from protests to performances, sports games, op-eds, and the special issue you are about to read now. It has been a crazy past four years that started in the doldrums of COVID-19 and ended with one of the most politically active years in recent WashU history. This magazine has recaps from those past 4 years, reflections on not getting an in-person high school high school graduation, and reflections from members of the Class of 2024 on their time at WashU. It has been a jam-packed year full of content and exciting stories. We want to take this opportunity to shoutout two groups at the newspaper. 

First, the editing staff, who have had to make some extremely challenging decisions on a weekly basis when it comes to the newspaper. It has been so special coming together as a team and learning to rely on one another. 

Lastly, to Via and Clara, the former Editors-in-Chief who in more ways than one have paved the way for us. You guys set the tone for what Student Life should look like and did so much to make this year a success for the newspaper — as mentors, role models, journalists, and, most importantly, friends. 

Looking ahead, we are super excited for what the next year has in store for the newspaper and the campus that drives it. At Student Life, we are more committed than ever to helping tell the stories impacting WashU and the student body. Stay tuned for Student Life next year and keep reading, clicking, watching, and listening to our content and coverage. It is already amazing and will only keep getting better and better. Thanks again for an amazing year, WashU, and special shoutout to the Class of 2024. We hope you look back on these years with pride and are excited for whatever your next chapters bring!!!


Avi and Nina


(Bri Nitsberg | Student Life)

(Photo courtesy of Nina Giraldo)

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