Students Shine in PAD’s The Winter’s Tale

Melding tragedy, comedy, and romance into one, “The Winter’s Tale” is the story of a king mad with envy that escalates until the queen’s statue comes to life. The students take center stage, and it is their interpretation of the characters and their mastery of emotions that ultimately reveals the weight and nuance of forgiveness. 

| Junior Scene Editor

In ‘The Science of Leaving Omaha,’ the cast outshines the script

Despite the strength of the acting, the play’s plot fails to make sense.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Ashoka apologizes for ‘hurtful, resentful and unacceptable’ Diwali skit

Ashoka’s executive board released a statement on Monday night outlining their plans for accountability after public outcry about this year’s Diwali skit.

| Managing Editor

Cast n’ Crew returns to the stage with ‘The Addams Family’

The strength of its characters and comedy made the show a truly enjoyable experience.

| Contributing Writer

WU theater comes roaring back to the Edison with ‘She Kills Monsters’

Though corny, “She Kills Monsters”‘ humor and heart propel it over its missteps.

| Managing Editor

AST puts on a thrilling haunted house for Halloween

All Student Theatre made the Village Black Box into an interactive haunted house over the weekend.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Come unprepared: Thyrsus brings surprise pop-up performances to campus

Thyrsus doesn’t have a spring show this year—instead, they will be staging pop-up performances meant to mimic reality for passersby to overhear.

| Contributing Writer

Fairy tales and theatre magic: Cast n’ Crew produces Zoom play

Doing a play over Zoom is absurd. “The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon” used that absurdity to further the laughs.

‘Tough!’ is messy and human, and that’s why it works

“Tough!,” the PAD’s last play of the semester, succeeded because of its realism.

| Managing Editor

AST presents ‘Jerry Finnegan’s Sister’: The theater that everyone needed

After a semester apart, All Student Theatre is back with the perfect two-person play, “Jerry Finnegan’s Sister.”

| Senior Cadenza Editor

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