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On a weekend of major musical releases, Mitski’s ‘Laurel Hell’ carves out its niche

A departure from her usual sound, Mitski’s “Laurel Hell” is still engrossingly emotional.

| Junior Editor

Cadenza Wrapped: Best music of 2021

2021 was a year of musical performance. Here are the albums that defined it.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Preparing for the uncertain: LNYF adjusts to virtual practices

With only a short time between the planned campus reopening and the Lunar New Year Festival’s scheduled performance, the group has had to make changes to their process.

| Managing Editor

“Tick, tick … BOOM!” on Netflix review: An explosion of musical genius

Lin Manuel Miranda’s directing and Andrew Garfield’s acting add to the original musical, creating a beautiful movie experience.

| Senior Engagement Editor

WashU pop artist releases new single

Junior Luke Markinson releases a new song, “Tie Me Down,” about internalized homophobia and being constricted in a relationship.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

WUDT comes back to the stage with ‘Return’

Sitting in the audience, I could not tell that the dancers had ever been gone.

| Managing Editor

Adele’s ’30’ is a meditation on divorce anyone can listen to

The new album shows a new side to Adele while proving she is still the queen of the power ballad.

| Staff Writer

In ‘The Science of Leaving Omaha,’ the cast outshines the script

Despite the strength of the acting, the play’s plot fails to make sense.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

‘Goldilocks Phenomenon’ explores longing and community

The performance, senior Grace Meyers’ dance thesis, used the Goldilocks story to examine deeper human experiences.

| Managing Editor

WashU alum produces independent dark comedy about the Watergate scandal

Student Life spoke to Mirvish about the film and its inspirations.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

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