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We must demand more from ThurtenE

Plenty of Wash. U. students plan charitable and community engaging events and don’t ask (nor want) compensation for their efforts. What makes ThurtenE different? Why does the University allow this lack of transparency?

| Staff Writer

Students should not be forced to take five classes a semester

If the University wants to take concrete steps to increase student happiness and align themselves with peer institutions, it should decrease the demands on students and change the graduation requirements to allow undergraduates to take four classes a semester.

| Staff Writer

St. Louis in focus: ‘Little Bosnia’

Bosnian restaurants, coffee shops and even travel and insurance agencies line the streets of Bevo Mill, with signs and flyers written in both English and Bosnian, earning the area the nickname of “Little Bosnia.”

| Staff Reporter

GCP hosts panel on Muslim refugees and resettlement

The panel featured speakers with expertise in the academic study of refugees or who have experience in the resettlement process. The panelists answered questions concerning challenges facing Muslim refugees in the resettlement process, barriers particular to female refugees and the efforts to humanize these challenges.

| Staff Reporter

Students, administrators reflect on WU’s Uber partnership

Washington University modified regulations regarding their partnership with Uber, which was announced Sept. 24 in response to a spike in crime near campus.

| Staff Reporter

Habif Health and Wellness Center expands mental health services with new employees

The Habif Health and Wellness Center added five new employees to its Mental Health Services department at the beginning of the semester in response to student requests for more counseling services.

| Staff Reporter

Students studying abroad should not pay Wash. U. tuition

Wash. U. encourages students to study abroad, but does not match that enthusiasm with appropriate financial policies. If the University wants to live up to its word of ensuring that students have a well-rounded college experience and compete with other peer institutions, Wash. U. should not force students to pay University tuition while studying abroad.

| Staff Writer

University phases out Blackboard, introduces Canvas

Washington University is offering the online platform Canvas as an alternative for Blackboard to professors this fall, with the goal of phasing out Blackboard by fall 2019.

| Senior Editor

The Palestinian Nakba: ‘48 and now

May 15 this year marks the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the Nakba (the Arabic word for catastrophe).

| Contributing Writer

Students petition against WU’s decision to move physics library

Student Union, with help from Washington University’s student-run Physics Club, passed a resolution demanding that the University maintain or increase the current size of the Pfeiffer Physics Library in its upcoming renovations Dec. 5.

| Contributing Reporter

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