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Sixth season of “Psych” comes to an end

This Wednesday will bring the 16th and last episode of the sixth season of “Psych.” As empty as I will feel at 9 p.m. every Wednesday leading up to the next season opener, here’s a quick recap of season six: Starting off with a bang, the first episode of Psych brought into question Shawn Spencer’s psychic abilities.

Color Blocking Spring Color Trends

Spring has officially arrived and, as a result, an entirely new repertoire of colors is appearing on the streets. This year, the spring season is all about colorblocking, and you can’t colorblock without colors.

Introducing: Dr. Brian Carpenter

Have you ever wondered what the study of aging, technical writing, biking, patting students, vegetarianism, a labradoodle, lawn games and baking have to do with each other? The interests of Dr. Brian Carpenter, associate professor of psychology, form an intersection of all these things.

| Scene Reporter

“Some Nights” | fun.

The name “fun.” does not just make a statement; it also refers to a relatively new indie rock band that just released its second studio album. Although fun. formed in 2008, “Some Nights” is their first album to be released on a major record label. Fueled by Ramen, the band’s record label, made a smart choice signing fun.

| Cadenza Reporter

Sexiest musicians

The Grammys were last night, and to honor them, let’s take a look at (at least in my opinion) the sexiest male and female artists of this past year.

| Cadenza Reporter

Leather or Lace?

Valentine’s Day is here. That means romance is in the air, and let’s face it: Sex is, too. But if you’re planning on making the “moves” this Valentine’s day, then why not do it in style? Sex may happen with no clothes on, but they were worn at some point. Sometimes what you wear can steer the night in a different direction.

| Scene Reporter

‘Fastlife’ | Joe Jonas

Besides looking like a cross between the orange monster that is The Situation and a younger and creepier Enrique Iglesias, Joe Jonas falls short of differentiating himself as both an artist and as a single Jonas. His first solo album, “Fastlife,” is uninspired and unoriginal.

| Cadenza Reporter

Why you can’t get the girl (or guy): Fashion 101 for the average Wash. U. guy

Have you ever wondered why that girl or guy in your chemistry class never remembers your name? Or why they never seem to notice your wave while in line for stir fry? Or maybe why people in general aren’t that welcoming to you? Well, look in a mirror and scrutinize your reflection. The problem could be an extremely simple one: bad fashion choices.

| Cadenza Reporter

Life after… W.I.L.D.

All I can say is wow…my first W.I.L.D. was even more wild than I thought W.I.L.D. could be. Out of the dozens and dozens of stories I’ve heard from my upperclassmen friends, not one could even begin to accurately describe the phenomenon that is the concert in Brookings Quad.

| Cadenza Reporter

In Defense of: Lady Gaga’s Born This Way music videos

Lady Gaga released her second studio album, “Born This Way,” this past May, but up to this day she has been under fire for her use of uncensored sexuality, extreme messages, religious symbolism and overall obscurity in her music videos.

| Cadenza Reporter

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