Sixth season of “Psych” comes to an end

This Wednesday will bring the 16th and last episode of the sixth season of “Psych.” As empty as I will feel at 9 p.m. every Wednesday leading up to the next season opener, here’s a quick recap of season six:

Starting off with a bang, the first episode of Psych brought into question Shawn Spencer’s psychic abilities. Tied up to a lie detector, Shawn is able to use his father’s lessons on how to beat the detector and keep his spot as resident psychic detective.

Thus began a hilarious season in which Shawn and detective Juliet O’Hara start a serious romantic relationship rivaled only by the bro-mantic one between Shawn and Gus. Meanwhile, detective Carlton Lassiter begins a relationship with prison inmate Marlowe Viccellio, and Gus is, well, still single.

The season included the introduction of Juliet’s criminal father and an almost-proposal by Shawn to Juliet with the help of a Nintendo DS (perhaps the best hiding spot for a wedding ring ever). Shawn bursts his appendix but is still able to help a crime-solving quartet. Art thief Pierre Despereaux is blown up while helping Shawn and Gus but somehow escapes (yet again). Lassiter moves into a new place—that also happens to be a crime scene where a second bachelor committed suicide—and becomes even more delusional and tries to kill Gus. Santa Barbara medical examiner and Woody’s ex-girlfriend stops by and just happens to be homicidal. Ending with the revival of a twenty-year-old case, this season has been a roller coaster ride that is at long last coming to an end.

But don’t worry; USA Network has renewed “Psych” for a seventh season of 16 episodes that is planned to premiere at the end of this year. The seventh season is sure to be filled with the ridiculous antics of Shawn and Gus and lots of dead people, so be prepared to expect anything—maybe even a marriage proposal.

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