Breakdown of BearFit Classes

Offered throughout the day, seven days a week, there’s a BearFit class for everyone, whether you’re an early-bird looking for a morning pump or trying to find some peace of mind in between classes. Here are some highlights. 

, and | Contributing Writers and Junior Scene Editor

Five days of zen: A week of yoga to stretch my limits

Never in my life have I been able to touch my toes. This news may be shocking to some of you. The fact that a perfectly healthy 19-year-old is unable to do the simple task of touching her toes—a task her perpetually injured dad can perform—is quite frankly deplorable. Nevertheless, it has been my reality since childhood.

Katherine Dawson | Contributing Writer

I tried to exercise and this is what happened: A Yoga Sculpt class review

This class is not about finding your breath. It’s more about losing it.

| Staff Writer

Sumers opening highlights new University focus, commitment to student health

When creating Sumers, Washington University took much more into account than just the need to update the space for athletic teams to practice. It created a place accessible to all students—regardless of their athletic status.

Hip-hop titan shows lighter side of success

Wearing his usual Yankees hat and V-neck sweater, businessman and hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons took the stage in Graham Chapel. Midway through the Congress of the South 40’s initial introduction of the Def Jam cofounder and Phat Farm creator, Simmons ignored his cue and just walked onto the stage.

Brian Benton | Contributing Reporter

Bikram Yoga: What’s hot right now

I push myself off from the ground, sweat dripping down my brow, my back, my arms and my legs. I take a deep breath as I stare at myself in the mirror. My flushed face and focused eyes stare back at me, determined to finish the 90-minute stretch and sweat session.

| Health Columnist

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