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Breakdown of BearFit Classes

Offered throughout the day, seven days a week, there’s a BearFit class for everyone, whether you’re an early-bird looking for a morning pump or trying to find some peace of mind in between classes. Here are some highlights. 

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A reflection on faith and the holidays

It is strange to simultaneously hold within myself this deep appreciation for the way I was raised and a sadness for my lack of cultural upbringing.

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“Cabaret” Preview Review and Reflection

“Cabaret,” a musical originally written in 1966, was certainly on the edgier and raunchier side of musicals from its time. It tells the story of a nightclub in Berlin during the rise of fascism. I was privileged enough to preview the WashU Performing Arts Department’s (PAD) production of the show on Thursday, the last dress rehearsal before opening night.

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Halloween costumes on a budget 

Dressing up for Halloween can be super fun but can also get a bit pricey. No matter how much holiday enthusiasm you have, sometimes it’s not worth dropping $100 on Amazon accessories for a night at a frat and some Instagram pictures. So, here are some budget-friendly costumes to help you celebrate without breaking the bank: 

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