vp debate

I’ve got the power?

When I was younger, around eight or nine, I was the master of my own universe.

| Staff Columnist

Both candidates deserve extra credit

The Gaffe Machine versus the Empty Suit. Working class Catholic versus shotgun-totin’ evangelical. Scranton versus Wasilla.

| Forum Editor

Biden’s understanding leads to debate win

I have to admit, despite mispronouncing “nuclear” and avoiding a few too many questions, I like Governor Palin.

| Senior Forum Editor

Washington State U. not bitter over missing debate

When Washington University received the offer to host the vice presidential debate in November 2007, it was the second choice for an event that pundits never predicted would amass the media attention it did.

| Contributing Reporter

Credentialing delayed for many media members

Many members of the national media and campaign teams waited for hours at the media welcome center in the Laboratory Sciences building on Thursday in order to receive their credentials to enter the Debate Hall and Spin Alley, an unexpected delay.

| Sports Editors

Questions for Laura Schwartz, CBS host

Student Life reporter Scott Fabricant talked to Laura Schwartz, who hosts CBS’s “Trail Mix,” a segment of The Early Show covering what most of the media doesn’t cover for this election cycle.

| Contributing Reporter

Planned Parenthood speaks out against McCain on campus

Planned Parenthood, and its political arm of the St. Louis Region, ADVOCATES, responded to Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin’s records on women’s reproductive rights on campus during the vice presidential debate.

| Managing Editor

Local anti-war protesters march on WU campus

St. Louis resident Andrew Elliot stood near the corners of Forsyth and Big Bend Boulevards, holding an anti-war poster and waving a large rainbow-striped flag.

| News Staff

You’ll never forget your first (vote)

Washington University’s first-time voters turned out for CNN’s “Election Express Yourself” tour bus, set up outside the Danforth University Center on Thursday.

| News Staff

Biden takes the debate, students say

The excitement surrounding the vice presidential debate this past week climaxed as many students chose to attend viewing parties of the vice presidential debates. Across campus, students felt that Sen. Biden had won the debate.

| Contributing Reporter

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