A look into digital-device use and misuse in the classroom

Washington University community members have noticed a rise in students’ use and misuse of their digital devices in the classroom, a trend which some attribute to the prolonged period of remote learning spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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WashU Prison Education Project hosts Dr. Marisa Omori for Maggie Garb Lecture Series

Washington University’s Prison Education Project (PEP) hosted Marisa Omori, Ph.D., to speak about how the development of artificial intelligence, specifically facial recognition technologies, may impact racial inequality in the criminal justice system, April 11.  Around 20 WashU community members gathered in Hurst Lounge to hear Omori speak in an event titled “Invisible Inequalities: Mechanisms of […]

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A tribute to artistry and memory at the MFA Student Dance Concert

Over the past two years, three Master of Fine Art (MFA) in Dance students poured their hearts and souls into choreographing and bringing their artistic visions to life. Finally, on March 22 and 23, their dedication culminated in a mesmerizing performance at Edison Theater for the seventh annual MFA Student Dance Concert.

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The world according to Gen Alpha: On aging out and growing up

I turned 20 over Thanksgiving break, and I spent my last day as a teenage girl in Orlando, Florida, in my childhood bedroom.

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WebSTAC, WebFAC, and other systems to be replaced with Workday Student

Washington University will replace its Student Information System (SIS), the core technological system for information services and academic operations, with Workday Student. 

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Former FTC Chief Technologist outlines better user privacy policies 

Dr. Lorrie Cranor, Former Chief Technologist for the Federal Trade Commision (FTC), former undergrad and graduate student at WashU, and current Carnegie Mellon University computer science professor, discussed her proposals for user friendly privacy policies on Friday, Oct. 13. 

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WashU’s new Kessler Scholars Program provides a beacon of hope for first-generation students

Washington University in St. Louis has been chosen as one of 10 universities to participate in the Kessler Scholars National Collaborative, with the inaugural cohort of scholars being the Class of 2027.

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Our societally accepted addiction: technology, social media and the need to break away

Why I terminated my social media accounts and how it has helped me focus and enjoy the world more.

| Senior Editor

It’s the end of the album as we know it, and I feel fine

As streaming increasingly eclipses music purchasing, many artists are beginning to move away from releasing their music in album format, opting instead to release singles upon singles. All this change in the music industry begs the question: Are albums dying out?

| Senior Cadenza Editor

The digital life: From technicolor to black and white

The initial switch to grayscale mode was jarring: I felt like Dorothy in reverse, whisked away from the Oz of Technicolor apps and notifications and dropped unceremoniously into a world painted solely in shades of gray.

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