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EST wins several awards at national EMS conference

Washington University’s Emergency Support Team (EST) earned three awards and placed first in the Stryker Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Skills Classic at the National Collegiate Emergency Medical Services Foundation (NCEMSF) conference. Over 100 universities across the country sent representatives from their emergency response teams to attend the conference in Baltimore, Maryland, Feb 23-25.

| Staff Writer

Opinion Submission: Supporters of campus repression exploit the Israel/Palestine situation

We all should be wary of efforts to use legitimate grief and fear over the war to advance an old agenda that aims at the freedom that makes academic life so valuable.

| Senior Lecturer, Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design; Lecturer, American Culture Studies

New working group seeks to facilitate student-neighborhood partnerships

Senior Sophie Scott has worked with junior Anne He to start a working group dedicated to creating a lasting system for those connections between University student groups and St. Louis community organizations that could use their skills or services.

| Associate Editor

Thyrsus adapts to COVID-19 with radio plays, play-reading group

Thyrsus is embracing the experimental aspect of their identity and using it to create theatre through different mediums and to view theatre through a different lens. 

Kamala Madireddi | Staff Writer

WU’s newest publication, the Danforth Dispatch, publishes its debut issue

The Danforth Dispatch, Washington University’s newest student-run publication dedicated to promoting opinions it considers to be unpopular with the University’s largely left-leaning culture, published its first online issue, Oct. 1.

| Senior News Editor

Trending Topics restructure aims to increase student engagement

Student Union and the Social Programming Board announced a new nomination process for the Trending Topics program, Feb. 17.

Em McPhie | News Editor

SU expands policy prohibiting outside bank accounts for student groups

Student Union doubled down on its outside bank account policy this fall, adding GoFundMe to the list of outside bank accounts student groups are prohibited from using for fundraising, along with Venmo and PayPal.

| Senior Editor

‘The show will go on’: Update on Gargoyle removal dispute

Space availability problems persist for student groups following Washington University’s spring 2019 decision to convert the Gargoyle and Mallinckrodt 100A into offices.

Yifei Qin | Contributing Reporter

Feeling homesick? I am too, but that’s OK

When I stepped off the flight from Los Angeles to St. Louis and onto the jet bridge, my eyes watered as I saw my sigh literally form into a sad little cloud. I was back in the freezing weather where I had to wear Uggs not because they look cute, but because I don’t want my feet to get frostbitten and subsequently amputated. Outside the airport, everything was white and I was blue.

Maddie Chiu | Contributing Writer

More than one community: LGBTQIA* students find space(s) on campus

The ways that students explore their identities has led to the growth of a number of student groups, ranging from umbrella groups for all students across the LGBTQIA* spectrum to groups that provide space for specific identities within the community.

| Associate Editor

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