Stepping Out

Soulard Farmers Market

If you live in the Village or on the South 40, the thought of regularly paying 75 cents for an apple and almost $9 for a box of cereal is no longer absurd. While the apple is probably bruised and not of your favorite variety, you’ve learned to take what you can get. And as you bite into it, it smooshes a little under your teeth, and you have to tell yourself, “Keep eating the apple. Just don’t think about it,” trying to ignore the cognitive dissonance emanating from the price-to-quality ratio.

Sarah Netta | Scene Reporter

Fountain on Locust

Upon arriving at Fountain on Locust, I thought I was standing outside a classic French chocolaterie. From the architecture and inviting sign advertising to their ice cream and classic cocktails, everything maintained a distinct French flair.

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Winslow’s Home

A warmth entered my heart as I stepped into Winslow’s Home, a little restaurant and store located just west of the Delmar Loop. The aura of the place is a mix between home away from home and small-town convenience store.

Sarah Netta | Scene Reporter

House of India

Every day from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., House of India holds a lunch buffet. Classic Indian dishes are offered in addition to a few unique ones you may not have tried before.

| Scene Reporter


Walking along the Loop, you might not notice a change in the landscape, but a new restaurant—Ranoush—has risen where Saleem’s once reigned. The new locale is difficult to spot as it has kept much of the style and aura of the former establishment. Ranoush is actually Syrian while Saleem’s was Lebanese, but this subtlety went unnoticed by my American palate—the main difference in the food was the goodness. Ranoush seems to have beaten Saleem’s in that respect.

Netta Sadovsky | Scene Reporter

Blue Ocean Sushi

A word to the wise: If you love to unwillingly spend four hours at a restaurant, you’re in luck. Blue Ocean Sushi is here to rescue you from anything else you might want to do on a Saturday night. Aside from its alluring signs screaming “All You Can Eat Sushi,” Blue Ocean Sushi is a […]

| Scene Reporter

Saleem’s Lebanese Cuisine

In the middle of The Loop, an area of St. Louis best described as eclectic, is a restaurant known as Saleem’s, “Where Garlic is King.” If you have never experienced Lebanese cuisine, or even if have you have a passion for it, I suggest stopping by.

| Scene Reporter

Duff’s Restaurant

Very few restaurants can claim to have a staff that is truly like a family. Duff’s Restaurant in the Central West End, however, certainly can.

| Scene Reporter


What do you think of when you hear the word “pi”? Math majors, engineers and pre-meds may begin to quickly rattle off the digits 3.14159—okay, that’s as far as I remember. Meanwhile, foodies like me will inevitably think of lemon meringue or chocolate silk, or maybe fresh blueberries and pastry crusts. Yet, now when you hear someone say “pi,” be prepared to think outside the box—unless you’re thinking about a box of pizza.

| Scene Reporter

Ibby’s Bistro

It’s time to make that call home. You know—the one where you tell your parents that you got scurvy because you can’t afford to buy fruits at school. If your parents are like mine, they’ll know what you’re getting at, tell you that they know you’re not on a pirate ship and then suggest that you stop buying so many lattes.

| Scene Reporter

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