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Word on the street: Diwali traditions

What are your Diwali traditions? Diwali, commonly known as the festival of lights, is best known amongst Wash. U. students through the Ashoka-sponsored dance performance. But as a traditional Indian holiday, Diwali is also celebrated through unique family traditions. Student Life asked students around campus to tell us about their own Diwali customs and celebrations. […]


Walk into Gioia’s, a little deli on the Hill, and you’ll find a place that is indisputably Italian. Just look around to see not one, not two, but upwards of three full-sized Italian flags posted inside and outside the one-room restaurant. The place is quaint but not trite, with wooden floors, a fancy chalkboard menu and a company consisting of many regulars.

Sarah Netta | Stepping Out Columnist

Mojo Tapas Restaurant & Bar

Located in South City, Mojo Tapas Restaurant & Bar offers creative cuisine and a cool neighborhood vibe, making it worth the hassle of getting there. I started my dinner with the soup special—roasted butternut squash with a spicy red-wine reduction. The soup was hearty, and I appreciated the skillfully done, smoothly pureed texture.

| Scene Reporter


Imagine biting into a lightly fried enchilada with layers of golden brown dough and a juicy pulled chicken filling. If you’re already hungry, then you can feed your imagination at Fritanga, a cozy one-room restaurant that provides authentic Nicaraguan food for decent prices.

Sarah Netta | Stepping Out Columnist

Pat’s Bar & Grill

Recently, I had the option of spending 15 bucks either on gaining entrance to a club to meet Jersey Shore’s “the Situation” or on going to Pat’s Bar & Grill to try out their supposedly excellent food.

| Scene Reporter

Stepping Out: Pho Grand

As any St. Louis food connoisseur knows, South Grand Boulevard is the place to go for authentic, international food offerings. Whether you want Afghani food, Persian cuisine or a home-cooked Japanese meal, South Grand has it all.

| Senior Scene Editor

Stepping Out: Mai Lee

Go to Mai Lee. Right now. Seriously, go. I honestly would not be offended if you stopped reading my review to go eat there. I’ve recently been trying to figure out which eateries in the local area are best for college students. In my mind, there are several criteria to consider: quality, variety and affordability are the most important. Mai Lee fits all of these and more.

| Stepping Out Columnist

Stepping Out: O’Connell’s

O’Connell’s Pub was not what my fellow foodie friend and I were hoping for. Usually when I insist on going to a restaurant together, it’s ethnic; it’s extravagant; it’s chic. This time we drove around for 40 minutes and got lost, all for a small Irish pub with dark walls and a gruff sensibility.

Sarah Netta | Scene Reporter

Stepping Out: Bobo Noodle House

Bobo Noodle House is the perfect solution for the hungry Washington University student who is in the mood for a special meal but not willing to brave the cold for too long.

| Stepping Out Columnist

Stepping Out: Rasoi

As the cold bit at our ears after we parked the car, our huddled group entered a wave of warmth named Rasoi. The air in this sanctuary-esque restaurant was filled with the alluring smells of Indian spices. We took a minute to observe the colorful room and the crowds of guests devouring mounds of curries before the hostess led our thawing party to a table in the back of the restaurant.

Sarah Netta | Stepping Out Columnist

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