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Subterranean Books: Connecting good people with good books

Rows upon rows of eclectic books line the shelves of the Loop’s Subterranean Books. As the only independent bookstore on the street, Subterranean Books provides a welcome oasis from the surrounding bustling restaurants and shops.

| Managing Editor

Gooey Louie: A sweet store for an even sweeter cake

In order to truly understand a city, you have to sample its culinary offerings. You wouldn’t visit Chicago without trying a slice of deep-dish pizza just like you wouldn’t leave the Big Apple without taking a bite out of some New York-style cheesecake. But what unique food best embodies the heart of St. Louis? If it were up to the owners of Gooey Louie, the answer would be gooey butter cake.

| Managing Editor

Disney flash mob in the DUC

The Aristocats, the all-Disney campus a capella group, and friends performed a spontaneous rendition of “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” to celebrate the upcoming release of Toy Story 3 on June 18, 2010.

Internet hot spots near campus

As the school year winds down and exams pile up, you may notice that study spots on campus are getting more and more crowded. Instead of waiting to pounce on the next available study carrel in the library, consider doing your work in one of these conveniently located places.

| Managing Editor

What’s been your favorite part of the Olympics so far?

Word on the Street finds out your favorite part of the Olympics.

The sexiest (unexpected) body parts

When we finally learn about the birds and the bees, something happens: We begin our strong obsession with what sets girls and guys apart

| Senior Scene Editor

Blast from the past: St. Louis Sci-Fi Lounge

Gamers, toy collectors, artists and concert-goers of St. Louis unite: There is now a place for you to share your eclectic passions. The Sci-Fi Lounge, located a short walk from campus at 6010 Kingsbury Ave., offers a unique escape to a world of all things nostalgic and entertaining.

| Senior Scene Editor

Best brunch spots near Wash. U.

The story behind the creation of brunch is as mysterious as its purpose: Is it breakfast or is it lunch? Regardless of its founding, brunch has become a college tradition that lets students sleep in late and recover from the night before. While there are satisfying brunch options on campus, there are plenty of other […]

| Senior Scene Editor

Stepping Out: Pho Grand

As any St. Louis food connoisseur knows, South Grand Boulevard is the place to go for authentic, international food offerings. Whether you want Afghani food, Persian cuisine or a home-cooked Japanese meal, South Grand has it all.

| Senior Scene Editor

Tips to starting off your semester right

Congratulations! You’ve officially made it through your first day of classes. Or maybe you slept through them.

| Senior Scene Editor

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