An atheist’s experience at Lutheran Campus Ministry

It wasn’t a conversion experience, and it didn’t need to be. I was content enough to learn about a religion and group I knew little about — to replace my own expectations of rigidity with real, complex and kind people of faith. 

| Senior Forum Editor

‘I am here for my relationship with God’: Why [Redacted] has spent his freshman year converting to Judaism

Renne hopes that his conversion to Judaism will be over before college ends so that he can go on the Birthright trip to Israel as a college student. And his gender transition, he said, will be an ongoing process throughout life.

| Staff Editor

‘I would encourage a posture of humility and inquiry’: WU professors talk religion and academia

A few weeks ago I spoke with professors John Inazu and Mark Valeri to discuss some aspects of the 2020 election. Both professors brought up topics unrelated to the election, like religion in academia, that I found fascinating. The following Q&A is a combination of our first and second talks, shortened and edited for clarity.

| Staff Writer

I don’t need a god to be moral

As for what incentive atheists might have to lead good lives or behave morally, the general desire for the well-being of yourself and others is not as elusive as one might think.

Jamila Dawkins | Contributing Writer

Staff Editorial: Graham Chapel open hours offers new space to reflect, destress

At the beginning of the semester, the Office for Religious, Spiritual and Ethical Life introduced open hours at Graham Chapel.

Office of Religious, Spiritual and Ethical Life names director

Rev. Callista Isabelle will join the Center for Diversity and Inclusion as the Director of Religious, Spiritual and Ethical Life, this semester.

| Staff Reporter

Washington University Interfaith Alliance promotes sharing and dialogue during Interfaith Week

Washington University Interfaith Alliance (WUIA) is hosting its second annual Interfaith Week April 5-12. The week of programming was designed to bring students of various faiths together for worship and discussion.

Julia Arbanas | Staff Reporter

Danforth Center hosts discussion on religion and polarized politics

The John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics hosted political experts Melissa
Rogers and Peter Wehner to discuss the topic of religion and political polarization in the U.S., Feb. 12.

Ted Moskal | Contributing Reporter

Community through common ground: Religious life at Washington University

Home to more than 20 religious groups, Washington University’s students have taken the organizing and encouragement of religious life into their own hands.

| Managing Editor

Students push for Office of Religious and Spiritual Life

To address the lack of a current unifying body for religious students on campus, members of Interfaith Alliance are advocating for the establishment of an Office of Religious and Spiritual Life.

| Managing Editor

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