On the “BD egging incident” and the prejudice we would like to ignore

Though many people at the moment saw the event as another example of harmless frat-boy rowdiness, to me, the event was yet another manifestation of the power imbalance between dining workers and WashU students.

| Junior Forum Editor

We cannot forget WashU Greek Life’s recent (and not-so-recent) history of harm

As spring rush begins, we must remember the stories shared in the summer of 2020 about the long-lasting existence of racism and sexual violence within Greek Life. 

| Managing Forum Editor

The Generational Curse of Colorism

We must stop accepting colorist music and television, stop adhering to the beliefs portrayed in the media, and reject the racist ideologies forced onto society as a result of slavery.

| Contributing Writer

Exposing the veil: Confronting racism & anti-Blackness in the political science graduate program

When I have highlighted the racism I’ve experienced, the political science department has flat-out refused to acknowledge the issues at stake.

| Former Grad Student, Political Science Department

The vulnerable dead: On emotional expression in the workplace

Especially for workplaces that double as “safe spaces” for emotional vulnerability and social justice, are reformation and decentralization possible in a professional culture still rooted in patriarchy and whiteness?

| Senior Forum Editor

Josh Hawley, No Nut November, and the masculinity problem

No Nut November: The annual challenge where WashU students decide to take a break from Larkin Love for a month, and, perhaps, Senator Josh Hawley gets bored of destroying our democracy by participating in No Nut November himself?

| Junior Sports Editor

Opinion submission: Community statement against Islamophobia

While there may be differing opinions on Fadel’s choice of protest, the subsequent Islamophobic and racist response to his protest was intolerable.

WU group chats and the online bystander effect

If it’s true that large group chats can be a place to uplift one another and create community, it must follow that these spaces are capable of doing damage and normalizing insensitivity, and they do so often.

| Senior Forum Editor

Staff Editorial: It’s time to talk about George Washington, his statue and his legacy

After recent student protests sparked campus conversation, it’s time we as a university come to terms with the full meaning of our name: Washington University in St. Louis.

Staff Editorial: Enough is enough: we need to listen to and support our APIDA peers

We mourn the loss of these lives that were senselessly taken and the Student Life Editorial Board stands in solidarity with the members of the Asian, Pacific Islander and Desi American (APIDA) communities.

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