Opinion Submission: A plea for Israeli-Palestine protests

I expect WashU students to condemn when dangerous rhetoric is spread, regardless of who it’s from.

| Class of 2025

WU students call for police abolition, hang banners and signs on George Washington statue at ‘Justice for Daunte’ protest

In a protest aimed at paying tribute to Daunte Wright and Adam Toledo, around 200 Washington University students and community members called for police abolition

| Senior News Editor

Accountability over ignorance

Here I was, living in a new city, taking up space as a guest, and I had failed to both inform myself of issues surrounding racial justice in St. Louis as well as some of the failures and problematic actions of Wash. U. as an institution.

Reilly Brady | Staff Writer

Op-Ed: The troubling Olin name

Imagine the powerful message that the University could send by removing the Olin name from campus buildings. It would signal that the University values social justice over large financial gifts.

David Rapach | Visiting Professor of Finance

Op-ed: Wash. U. must address double standards around protest

Washington University’s policy ignores black and brown students fighting against unjust systems who failed in the past and even the present to receive institutional protection.

Christian Ralph | Class of 2017

Protesters take to Loop after Stockley verdict

Protests broke out on the Delmar Loop Saturday following the acquittal of Jason Stockley, a white former St. Louis police officer who was found not guilty of murdering Anthony Lamar Smith, a 24-year-old black man, while on duty in December 2011.

Sam Seekings, Chalaun Lomax and Olivia Szymanski | News Editors

WU protests falter, community efforts prevail

Students and community members took advantage of America’s attention to demonstrate for a variety of issues as the nation’s eyes and news cameras turned to Washington University and the St. Louis area.

| Staff Reporter

Students, St. Louis community gear up for debate-day protests

Students making their morning walk to class Wednesday morning were confronted by a different type of sign at the Underpass: one held by students above the bridge protesting the use of tuition funds.

| Associate Editor

Using activism in moderation following the Emory protests

As November 2016 nears, the political climate on campus is going to escalate: there may not be protests or loud political opinions now, but there will be soon.

| Staff Writer

What you need to know about the events at Mizzou

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: If you don’t understand what’s going on at Mizzou—or why so many of your classmates are posting Facebook statuses about standing in solidarity with Mizzou students—you’re not alone. Don’t know where to begin? Here are some of the basics.

| Managing Editor

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