Opinion Submission: Neglecting teaching-track faculty hurts students and educators alike

But it appears even with positive reviews and evaluations from students, strong teaching-track faculty can be let go without any clear rhyme or reason. We call on the University to extend a new contract to Dr. R and all other well-deserving TRaP faculty who are foundational to the excellent education that Washington University provides.

Professing their love: four seniors look back on their favorite professors throughout their academic journeys

As seniors look back on their time as undergraduates, they find gratitude for the educators who also served as their mentors, supporters, and sources of inspiration. Seniors were asked to celebrate the professors they cherished most, and here are their thoughts. Dr. William Bubelis, Associate Professor of Classics Senior Ana María Núñez is a Classics […]

| Junior Scene Editor

Can Professors Tell ChatGPT Papers From Student Papers?

Amidst the growing debate over AI’s role in the classroom, Student Life’s Managing Multimedia Editor, Sanchali Pothuru, and Multimedia Editor, Mireya Coffman, join three professors, Tarrell Campbell, Konstantina Kiousis, and Guy Genin, to see if they can distinguish between student essays and ChatGPT-generated content.

and | Managing Multimedia Editor and Multimedia Editor

Opinion Submission: Will WashU protect its Arab and Muslim students? Concerned faculty members condemn Seth Crosby’s racist statements and demand action

We must protect the value universities offer as spaces for mobilizing against injustice and critiquing ongoing forms of oppression. 

Op-Ed: Welcome Class of 2023

The purpose of education is to teach you the necessity of thinking for yourself, the necessity of asking critical questions of yourself and of others and how to find perceptive and penetrating questions to ask.

Jonathan Katz | Professor of Physics

Lunch by the dozen: Intro to the first-year program

Nearly all of us are familiar with the difficulties that came with our first giant lecture courses at Washington University. Although we graduated from high schools of various sizes, I have yet to meet anyone who started college ready to thrive in a classroom with 300 other students, where the professor might go the whole semester without making eye contact with you in class and office hours are always swarmed.

Jonah Goldberg | Staff Writer

Don’t believe your professors, you will change the world

There is immense value in studying what has happened before and applying it to the present. But this does not mean that history is bound to repeat itself or that we must follow the same paths as those who have preceded us.

| Staff Writer

Staff editorial: Finals week calls for cooperation

The last few weeks of each semester are laden with stress for everyone—more so than the already stressful, typical week in the life of a Washington University student.

Olin Business School appoints five female tenure-track professors

Olin Business School hired five female tenuretrack professors to its ranks this fall, reflecting University-wide efforts to increase gender parity amongst its faculty.

Kathleen White | Contributing Reporter

Course listings need more substance

The editorial board of Student Life urges the Wash. U. administration to put better policies into place that require professors and departments to list more detailed descriptions of how classes will be run, whether through previous syllabi or a document outlining what the class will be structured like (effectively a less finished syllabus).

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