City residents push for payment in lieu of taxes on University property

University City (U. City) residents and council members called on Washington University to implement a payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) program during the “WashU, U. City, and PILOTs: An Overview” information session, Sept. 24. Presented by Community for an Accountable WashU (CAW), the session was held over Zoom as well as broadcasted live to a handful of former University students and residents of the St. Louis region.

| Managing Forum Editor

Cast and crew of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ save the show

When Fox picked up “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” I was excited for The Lonely Islander Andy Samberg to return to television. When I heard it was going to take place in a police precinct and Samberg was going to play a cop, I felt apprehensive. So how did I feel after the show’s premiere? I’m still not sure.

Elena Wandzilak | Staff Writer

“666 Park Avenue” adds horror and highrises to ABC Sunday nights

I’m not entirely sure if I will end up wanting to take up a permanent residence at The Drake, but I certainly am intrigued to see what happens next week on ABC’s “666 Park Avenue.” If you missed the first episode, and you’re interested in watching it, stop reading now and come back afterward.

| television editor

Students reach new heights

Here at Washington University, there are a few students who may fly 100 miles to grab lunch or take a walk around a new city for the afternoon—they are pilots.

| Scene Reporter

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