Can the Arts go digital?

So much of our daily interactions are being turned digital, can the same be done with arts and culture?

Lydia McKelvie | Staff Writer

Writers fear impact of immediate publicity

Several Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in creative writing students at Washington University have begun to speak out against a policy under which theses are uploaded to the Internet, fearing that the new policy will hurt their chances of being published later in life.

| News Editor

In-person critique more productive than written mudslinging

The kind of people who read an article and are moved to respond in an online comment probably feel more strongly about the issue addressed in the article than those who read it and move on, or than those who don’t read it at all. Video interviews have a higher chance of capturing the latter two types.

| Managing Editor

IM registration transitions online

The Washington University Intramural Sports Department kicks off the spring semester with a change. All team registration will be handled through a new online format at The Web site enables administrators to do scheduling online and provides new opportunities for IM athletes.

| Sports Editor

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