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Staff Editorial: Need-blind is a cause for celebration; here’s what should come next

While the change to need-blind admissions has been long-desired — almost an unachievable fantasy — this turn of long-halted gears on a highly supported admissions modification is commendable. It also shows that plenty of other “fantastical” financial changes are equally possible. 

WU to adopt need-blind policy starting this admissions cycle

Through a $1 billion investment in financial aid, the University will become the final top-20 college in the country to adopt the policy.

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Staff Editorial: WashU, keep your word and put the endowment to good use

We want to see the University keep its word and actually put the funding toward student support and programs that directly benefit the WashU and St. Louis community — not towards aesthetic changes and facility expansions that have no real impact on the WashU student experience.

Unpacking WU’s unprecedented $5.7 billion endowment pool growth

Washington University’s endowment pool grew a record 65%, adding $5.7 billion

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With a $15.3 billion endowment, why are we still need-aware?

On Sep. 20, news hit our email inboxes that Washington University’s endowment grew by 65% over the past year, now standing at $15.3 billion. Just a week prior, to our delight, WashU rose by two places in the U.S. News & World Report’s National Universities ranking, making a three-way tie for #14 alongside Brown University […]

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Zetcher family makes $8 million commitment for need-based aid, supporting WU goal to go need-blind

In the Zetchers’ recognition, South 40 House will be renamed Arnold and Ellen Zetcher House.

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Staff Editorial: Need-blind admissions should be more than just a goal

Wash. U.’s renewed commitment to socioeconomic diversity falls flat without a commitment to becoming need-blind that is more than a declaration of aspiration. The Zetchers’ contribution is indeed a step toward pulling this goal out of the realm of possibility and into reality.

‘Still behind the curve’: WU reports significant growth in Pell Grant eligible students

Washington University added 429 Pell Grant eligible students between 2015-16 and 2018-19, marking the ninth-highest growth of all 128 American Talent Initiative (ATI) institutions and surpassing the University’s 2015 goal to increase the amount of undergraduate Pell-eligible students to 13% by 2020, according to a new report from the ATI.

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WU/FUSED disrupts tuition forum, pressures University to go need-blind

Washington University for Undergraduate Socioeconomic Diversity disrupted the University Tuition Forum to advocate for need blind admissions, Jan. 22.

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WU/FUSED and SU join forces, develop need-blind report

In the wake of Chancellor Andrew Martin’s announcement of a need-blind admissions goal, Washington University for Undergraduate Socioeconomic Diversity, Student Union and the Roosevelt Network collaborated to develop a need-blind report that was sent to the administration, Nov. 22.

| Senior Editor

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