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Opinion Submission: Abortion is a human right, and we need to do more to protect it

We all care deeply about abortion and reproductive freedom — which is why we are taking the time to share more about why these rights are so important, what is on the line, and how we can come together and address the newest assaults on reproductive freedom in this country.

, , and | PPGA Co-Presidents, PPGA Vice President, and former Student Union President

International students overcome hurdles in accessing vaccines for WU mandate

WU’s vaccine requirement has created challenges for international students

| Staff Reporter

Report of racist incident at Loop thrift store prompts more allegations of discrimination

A variety of individuals have come forward with allegations of racial discrimination at Avalon Exchange, a thrift store on the Delmar Loop

| Staff Reporter

‘The complete opposite of what Washington University means to me’: Student petition calls for changes to Disability Resources

A petition organized by a blind WU student has called for a variety of changes to the Disability Resources office

| Staff Reporter

‘Failing to act urgently is unreasonable’: Cori Bush calls for racial justice at WU climate change dialogue

Congresswoman Cori Bush and other community leaders discussed methods for combatting climate change in MO at a Washington University and UMSL hosted panel

| Staff Reporter

Disaggregate the Diaspora prepares to release student identity survey

A coalition of student groups advocating for the University to use disaggregated demographic data hosted a town hall prior to releasing a survey about different student identities.

| Staff Reporter

How WU responded to DeVos Title IX regulations amid the pandemic

Following US Department of Education regulations that limited Title IX’s scope in May 2020, Washington University’s Title IX and Gender Equity Office, the Rape and Sexual Violence Prevention Center and student groups such as Title Mine have worked to implement a variety of new initiatives addressing the DeVos regulations.

| Staff Reporter

Zetcher family makes $8 million commitment for need-based aid, supporting WU goal to go need-blind

In the Zetchers’ recognition, South 40 House will be renamed Arnold and Ellen Zetcher House.

| Staff Reporter

‘They could have put that money into better things that would have been more useful as students dealt with COVID’: Administration opts to take down the South 40 tent

The South 40 tent, designed to provide students a sheltered, well-ventilated work and dining space, has been taken down after being deemed unnecessary by administrators.

| Staff Reporter

‘Disrespectful and hypocritical’: WU community remains divided on the future of Greek Life as sorority recruitment begins

The Women’s Panhellenic Association began a virtual sorority recruitment process this week, touting a list of reforms designed to make the process more equitable in the face of an ongoing movement to abolish Greek Life at Washington University.

and | Staff Reporters

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