Recreational marijuana sales now legal in Missouri

Last week, as a part of Amendment 3, which Missourians voted in favor of last November, the recreational sale of marijuana became legal in the state of Missouri. 

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Rooted in St. Louis: The Tyson Center, a research ecosystem

Tyson can be used for experimentation precisely because it is not untouched wilderness. “This is WashU’s hidden gem,” Natural Resources Coordinator and Staff Scientist Beth Biro said.

| Staff Writer

WU students use new streamlined process to cast votes at the Athletic Complex, as Republicans maintain hold on Missouri

A streamlined voting process enabled a smooth Election Day for on-campus Washington University undergraduate voters, as Republicans swept Missouri’s elections and won a swing House district just west of the University.

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Show Me Showdown: A springboard for development for swimming and diving

The Bears finished near the middle of the pack at the Show Me Showdown at the University of Missouri on Friday. For a team consistently near the top of the rankings in Division III, not earning a podium finish would appear to be rare territory. However, against the high-level, multi-divisional competition, that finish is something to be proud of.

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Voting in the Show-Me state: Your ballot, explained

For those of you who are voting in Missouri for this upcoming midterm election and feel overwhelmed by the amount of amendments and propositions, look no further!

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Remembering artist George Caleb Bingham at the St. Louis Art Museum

A new documentary film, “The American Artist: The Life & Times of George Caleb Bingham,” screened at the Saint Louis Art Museum (SLAM) on Sunday, Nov. 6. The film tells the story of Bingham’s artistic and political life, introducing his relatively unknown work to the general public and elevating him to the level of American classics such as Gilbert Stuart and Thomas Hart Benton.

Frieda Curtis | Contributing Writer

Biden attends Kander campaign event on Delmar Loop

Vice President Joe Biden campaigned on behalf of Democrat Jason Kander’s run for United States Senate at the Pageant on the Delmar Loop this past Friday.

| Contributing Reporter

Missouri’s same-sex marriage ruling a step in the right direction

A day after midterm elections drastically altered the makeup of the national legislature, a substantial judicial decision hit Missouri: St. Louis Circuit Judge Rex Burlison overturned the state’s ban on same-sex marriage, adding to a wave of similar rulings nationwide.

Why to vote ‘No’ on Amendment 3, Props A and E, ‘Yes’ on Prop B

While most of you who will be voting tomorrow have probably decided which candidates you’re going to vote for, if you’re voting in Missouri there are four ballot measures you should also carefully consider (not counting Proposition R for those of you in the City of St. Louis). Here’s our take on these four initiatives.

Re: Wind power

To the editor: Wind power is a key component to a healthy, prosperous Missouri. Wind energy not only provides a viable source of clean power but also ensures long-term economic opportunities that can give us the local jobs and financial support our state needs. Wind turbine installation in Missouri has tripled from 2009 to 2010.

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