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Community through common ground: Religious life at Washington University

Home to more than 20 religious groups, Washington University’s students have taken the organizing and encouragement of religious life into their own hands.

| Managing Editor

Students push for Office of Religious and Spiritual Life

To address the lack of a current unifying body for religious students on campus, members of Interfaith Alliance are advocating for the establishment of an Office of Religious and Spiritual Life.

| Managing Editor

Voting in the Show-Me state: Your ballot, explained

For those of you who are voting in Missouri for this upcoming midterm election and feel overwhelmed by the amount of amendments and propositions, look no further!

| Managing Editor

From Yung Lean to Avril Lavigne: Artist playlists on Spotify

On one of my frequent quests to find new music, I realized that I could go straight to the source to find things to listen to: the artists I already like.

| Managing Editor

‘The Mousetrap’ brings mystery, suspense to the Black Box

The longest running show in modern theatrical history, with over 25,000 performances since 1952, Agatha Christie’s “The Mousetrap” graced the Washington University Black Box Theatre’s stage this past weekend as Cast N’ Crew’s spring production.

| Senior Editor

Spring has sprung: Events to ring in the new season

Despite what it might feel like outside, it officially became spring in St. Louis almost two weeks ago.

| Managing Editor

In defense of waiting in line

I don’t enjoy physically standing and waiting around to reach whatever the final destination of said line may be, but I do enjoy the principle behind it: order.

| Senior Forum Editor

Sensationalism and the spread of ‘news’

For every time President Donald Trump boasts “fake news” in reaction to a mass shooting or natural disaster, another profile on social media crafts a new conspiracy theory or stretched version of the truth.

| Senior Forum Editor

Murphy’s law: Patriots fans savor success, everyone else’s hatred

Hear from two real live Patriots fans on the eve of Super Bowl LII.

| Senior Editor

Google Arts and Culture opens doors to a new world of cultural education

An exploration of fine art, one selfie at a time.

| Senior Forum Editor

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