Prix Goncourt-winning author reflects on writing during roundtable conference

Mohamed Mbougar Sarr, the 2021 winner of France’s most prestigious literary prize, the Prix Goncourt, gave a talk titled “(In)visible writer, for whom do you sing?” during a conference sponsored by the French Connexions Center of Excellence on Oct. 30.

| Staff Writer

Fine literature: A tasting menu

When you have as much reading to do as the average Washington University student, it’s easy to completely let pleasure reading fall by the wayside. But part of college is expanding your mind and exposing yourself to a wide variety of classics.

| Senior Scene Editor

Things we didn’t get

What does September 11, 2001, mean for our generation—for those of us currently around college age? How did we experience those events that in the minds of many mark a paradigmatic shift in national and world history? When we were 13 or 12 or 11 or 10 years of age, what did the most massive terrorist attack we have seen, upon the nation in which we lived, mean to us?

| Managing Editor

Because I don’t want to hurt you or perhaps myself

Chief among the joys of literature is a savory, self-aggrandizing contempt for the thumb-sucking twits with whom you are unfairly forced to share the planet.

| Forum Editor

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