‘Sustainable and green’: WU continues to pursue LEED certifications

Sustainability on campus continues to be a pressing issue for many students. Students are cognizant of the amount of compost and recycle bins on campus, as well as how sustainable they personally are. But has anyone ever wondered about the actual environment that they are learning in?

Marc Ridgell | Contributing Writer

3 buildings on the 40 earn LEED Gold rating

The three new residential buildings on the South 40 have won the second highest level of environmental certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, Washington University announced Thursday.

| Enterprise Editor

A Ban on Water Bottles: A Way to Bolster the University’s Image

Lately, I am always thirsty. Always! I could not figure out why until I realized that the bottled water I had purchased continuously throughout my day had disappeared. At first I was just confused. Where did all the water bottles go? Then I learned the simple explanation: The University banned water bottles in an effort […]

| Columnist

Guilt trips aren’t sustainable

I have been rather put off by the “sustainability” program that’s ramping up at Washington University. Before I get there, however, let me qualify that statement a bit. I’m a fan of the LEED certification that adorns some of the buildings.

| Staff Columnist

Wash. U. students active in local sustainable project

As sustainability efforts continue to influence campus culture, project uHome U City engages 13 Washington University architecture graduate students in designing five homes for the local Sutter Heights neighborhood.

| Staff Reporter

University’s sustainability plan not good enough

I’m relieved to see finally the Wash. U. sustainability plan, but it isn’t good enough. I appreciate the administration’s efforts to adopt broad policies that will help reduce the University’s impact on nature. The fact that our university acknowledges the serious threat climate change poses to the nation’s natural resources (which is probably more than coal and energy executives on its board are willing to admit) is refreshing.

| Forum Editor

New South 40 roof promotes sustainability

The South 40 House boasts not only new dining options and expanded housing but also brand new environmental sustainability capabilities. An environmentally friendly “green roof”—containing grass, native plants and approximately 110,000 pounds of soil —debuted in late September. The roof covers a loading dock, kitchen and other areas of the South 40 House’s southern lower level.

| Contributing Reporter

New engineering building to open doors in fall 2010

Brauer Hall for the Washington University School of Engineering is scheduled to be officially open and ready for use in the fall of 2010.

| Staff Reporter

Research center to open new energy neutral building

A new building under construction at Washington University will use zero net energy and water through photovoltaic cells, rain capture and composting toilets—meeting standards even more stringent than LEED Platinum.

| Staff Reporter

Campus green plan progresses

Five committees established by the administration have set benchmarks to help Washington University become a more sustainable institution through the coming decades. The committees, which started meeting at the beginning of the semester, are Energy & Climate, Buildings & Grounds, Dining Services, Transportation and Purchasing & Materials Management. Matt Malten, assistant vice chancellor for sustainability, […]

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