Audiophiles: Songs to listen to while you stare at the wall

Although there might not be much to do in quarantine, listening to music can help pass the time as you stare at the wall.

| Senior Editor

In defense of the 2016 LouFest lineup

This year’s LouFest comes amidst some grumbles from students, discontented with what they see as an underwhelming lineup—a failed follow-up to last year’s glorious festival. But this year’s LouFest doesn’t deserve the trash talk.

and | Staff Writers

The best and worst of LouFest

Last weekend, LouFest returned to Forest Park for its sixth consecutive year. Music Editor Kendall Caroll and Senior Cadenza Editor Mark Matousek share their highlights and disappointments from the festival.


Battle of the Headliners

If you’re thinking about going to Loufest next weekend, then you’re no doubt aware of the two big names that are headlining this year’s festival: Hozier and the Avett Brothers.

Kendall Carroll | Music Editor

Hozier concert review: Take me to The Pageant

Don’t take me to church; take me back to Tuesday night at The Pageant, where I can relive the incredible Hozier concert just one more time. The night moved along perfectly, every moment carefully orchestrated.

Greer Russell | Contributing Writer

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