Annual Cabot-Zhang lecture reflects on U.S.–China healthcare collaborations

Washington University’s McDonnell International Scholars Academy hosted three expert panelists, including former Missouri Governor Bob Holden, in an event entitled “Building the Future of Innovative Healthcare” on Jan. 30.

| Staff Writer

Danforth Staff voice concerns in Council Forum

The Danforth Staff Council Fall Forum, held last Thursday, Nov. 2, in Knight Hall, announced the creation of a pathway for the potential renaming of buildings, changes to staff healthcare, and news from the recently created Office of Institutional Equity.

and | Staff Writer and Contributing Writer

Opinion Submission: Abortion is a human right, and we need to do more to protect it

We all care deeply about abortion and reproductive freedom — which is why we are taking the time to share more about why these rights are so important, what is on the line, and how we can come together and address the newest assaults on reproductive freedom in this country.

, , and | PPGA Co-Presidents, PPGA Vice President, and former Student Union President

Campus Crossfire debate highlights political differences between WU students

The 2020 Campus Crossfire debate featured a fast-paced discussion with few areas of overlap between representatives from the College Democrats and College Republicans.

Em McPhie | Senior News Editor

Gateway Curriculum at School of Medicine marks first renewal in 20 years, focuses on integration and community engagement

A three-year-long process of building, planning and implementing has culminated in the release of the new Gateway Curriculum at Washington University’s School of Medicine.

Grace Kennard | Staff Reporter

University health services need help

This year, due to COVID-19, healthcare for students has been chopped, redesigned and delegated to the point of absurdity.

Olivia Poolos | Contributing Writer

WU faculty envision healthcare under Trump administration

Alpha Epsilon Delta, Washington University’s pre-health honor society, hosted a panel to discuss what further steps might be taken by President Donald Trump’s administration in reforming the existing healthcare system April 10.

Bailey Winston | Staff Reporter

Editorial Cartoon: It’s him or healthcare

| Student Life

Change we deserve: What the American people should demand from the 112th Congress

The truth never seems to carry much weight in Washington, D.C. Since taking office almost two years ago, President Obama has “stimulated a recovery” in the economy, passed a “deficit neutral” health care bill, and “ended” a war in Iraq. Never mind that record unemployment is still around in a stagnant economy that finds over 40,000,000 Americans on food stamps.

| Staff Columnist

More loans are not the answer

Amid the tumultuous debate of the health care reform bill, an important issue fell by the wayside. Since 1965, private banks have received subsidies from the federal government in order to support lending to students for higher education.

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