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Opinion Submission: Why WashU should take a stronger stance for abortion

As proud and open supporters of abortion access, we were disappointed by the Chancellor’s lukewarm public stance on abortion. We feel a moral responsibility to speak out and ask for more from the University.

, and | 2020-2022 Student Body President, 2022-2023 Student Body President, and 2023-2024 Student Body President

Opinion Submission: Abortion is a human right, and we need to do more to protect it

We all care deeply about abortion and reproductive freedom — which is why we are taking the time to share more about why these rights are so important, what is on the line, and how we can come together and address the newest assaults on reproductive freedom in this country.

, , and | PPGA Co-Presidents, PPGA Vice President, and former Student Union President

Opinion Submission: For our health and the health of our community, get a booster shot

The COVID-19 booster shot is safe and effective at preventing severe cases of the omicron variant.

, and

Opinion Submission: For space equity, dehouse WashU fraternities

By allowing WashU fraternities on-campus housing, the University prioritizes primarily wealthy, white students. Using these houses as affinity spaces would create a more equal campus.

| Student Union President | with Undersigned Student Leaders

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