Make Sumers Rec Center free to the entire WashU community

Here is my point: such a facility should not only be available and free to employees, there should be incentives in place to encourage its regular use. A healthy workforce is in the University’s best interest.

| Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Staff Editorial: Extended medical amnesty keeps WU community safe

Regardless of how many administrative conversations had to take place for the change to be made, student safety should always come first, and we commend the University for taking strides to protect student health.

EST announces reduced hours, new safety protocols for fall semester

This semester, the Washington University Emergency Support Team (EST) will no longer provide 24/7 service due to new COVID-19 protocols. Starting Sept. 28, EST will operate from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. from Sunday to Thursday, and 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Although the first day of class took place Sept. […]

| Senior News Editor

The verdict is in: Online class is truly not the same

Now, over a month has passed since we were allowed on campus, and in the middle of week four of online classes, it’s time to accept another fact: Online classes are not a sufficient replacement for in-person classes.

| Senior Forum Editor

On introversion: Why I haven’t left my home in 12 days

“When does distancing become seclusion, and how can we walk the line between vitally important distance and unhealthy isolation?”

Jamila Dawkins | Contributing Writer

Op-Ed: An overlooked risk factor in the spread of coronavirus: domestic travel

“When I called Student Health Services, I was told not to worry about traveling home over break. But, things I am being told by friends and family at home indicates otherwise.”

Logan Press | Class of 2021

Staff Editorial: On the coronavirus: Do not fall into fear and feed into xenophobia

Making insensitive comments and isolating people can’t be justified by being “afraid” of catching the virus.

Staff Editorial: Getting frisky? Get tested.

It’s important to treat your sexual health with just as much care as you would any other aspect of your health.

Staff Editorial: Don’t be afraid of the doctor’s office

Go to the doctor.

Op-ed: Once again, Wash. U. forgets us.

Wash. U. claims to be an inclusive place, but is it really inclusive if it leaves us hijabi women as an afterthought?

Noor Ghanam | Class of 2022

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