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Green Action files legal complaint against WashU

The environmental advocacy group Green Action WashU, formerly known as Fossil Free WashU, announced its filing of a legal complaint against Washington University at the Fossil Fuel Divestment Rally this Monday, Oct. 30. 

and | Contributing and Staff Writer

Green Action rally demands University divestment from fossil fuels

Green Action, an environmental justice and advocacy student group, held a rally calling on Washington University to divest from fossil fuels and recognize the impacts of environmental racism, March 1.

, and | Junior News Editors and Contributing Writer

Martin’s three-part blog series examines WU endowment

Chancellor Andrew Martin launched “Endowment 101,” a three part series on his official blog designed to explain how Washington University’s endowment works this semester.

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WUnited, new coalition of WU advocacy groups, rallies for a ‘more just’ campus

Five Washington University advocacy groups joined together to form WUnited, a coalition aimed to spur the administration into action on accessibility, support for students and social justice issues, and hosted a rally outside the Danforth University Center, Feb. 27.

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Op-ed: Action now: A strategic vision for a better WU community

“Join us in fighting for this platform at a rally Thursday, Feb. 27th at 12 p.m. at the Edison Courtyard outside the DUC to demand that administrators move the university closer to our vision.”

Beth Wiesinger | Member of WUnited

‘The main population that adds to climate change is not the population that sees the effects right away’: WU study finds that air pollution disproportionately affects poorer areas

A recent study led by Washington University professor Dr. Christine Ekenga concluded that the residents of poor and segregated neighborhoods in St. Louis are at a significantly higher risk for cancer and other negative health outcomes due to air pollution, reaffirming concerns about environmental racism from student activists.

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‘An inherent inequality’: Law School report highlights environmental racism in St. Louis

Within conversations about climate change, little focus is placed on how marginalized communities are disproportionately affected by its negative environmental impacts. Alarming statistics published in a new report by the Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinic (IEC) at the Washington University School of Law shed light on environmental disparities that affect the lower-income and/or Black communities of St. Louis.

Marc Ridgell | Contributing Writer

Students rally for fossil fuel divestment

Fossil Free WashU concluded International Climate Week with their first student rally of the year, calling on Washington University to divest from the fossil fuel industry, Sept. 27.

Elia/Longyu Zhang | Contributing Reporter

Student groups prepare for arrival of Chancellor-elect Martin

As chancellor-elect, Andrew Martin will manage the day-to-day operations of the University. Chancellor Wrighton will continue serving as a liaison to the Board of Trustees, focus on program development and perform ceremonial tasks of the chancellor including spring commencement.

Curran Neenan | Staff Reporter

EPA signs decision to clean West Lake Landfill

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) signed a decision to remove radioactive waste from the West Lake Landfill in Bridgeton, Mo., Sept. 27. Seventy percent of the radioactive waste will be removed from the landfill, which is located about 16 miles northwest of the Danforth Campus.

Jaden Satenstein | Contributing Reporter

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