Budget Q&A with Mishka Narasimhan, Vice President of Finance

Senior Mishka Narasimhan, who serves as Vice President of Finance for Student Union, sat down for an interview with Aliana Mediratta, Junior News Editor for Student Life, to offer insight into the annual budget process. This Q&A has been edited for length and clarity. 

| Junior News Editor

From pizza restaurants to Wall Street banking

When my friends Talia Zakalik, Sophia Bukowski, and Izzy Borah were trying to save a squirrel from a pipe, they found a student ID in the bush. Labeled from 1996, it read “Aman Boyd”, and besides some scratches and dirt stains, it was relatively unharmed. I thought this would be a really cool interview for my Creative Nonfiction class, where we had to interview someone, and asked to meet up with him.

| Investigative News Editor

He studied at WU. Seventeen years later, he’s on ‘The Amazing Race.’

Washington University alumnus Chee Lee (’04) competed on the most recent season of “The Amazing Race,” the reality television series where teams of two race around the world solving clues and completing crazy challenges of any form, from watermelon launching to mountain climbing.

| Staff Writer

SU VP finance appointed after position unfilled in election

Sophomore Shelly Gupta was appointed as Student Union’s vice president of finance March 20, after the position went unfilled in the general election March 7.

| Senior News Editor

Money Smart Week to promote fiscal literacy

With graduation weeks away, members of the Washington University community are working to educate students stepping into the real world about money smarts.

Claudia Vaughan | Senior Scene Editor

Advisory committee for endowment transparency approved

Washington University approved a request for the school’s investment arm to receive student and faculty input on the social policies of companies it invests in. The Washington University Investment Management Co. (WUIMC) agreed to a student-faculty advisory committee that student leaders had proposed as a way to improve endowment transparency.

| Senior News Editor

Aid to increase following tuition hike, finance chief says

Washington University’s most recent tuition increase of 4.2 percent, from $37,800 for the 2009-2010 academic year to $39,400 for the 2010-2011 academic year, is expected to be right on par with the rest of the nation’s universities.

| Staff Reporter

University dedicates $12 million to campus clean coal initiative

Chancellor Mark Wrighton announced Tuesday that Washington University will be establishing a Consortium for Clean Coal Utilization, bringing University researchers together with industry leaders and government officials to make St. Louis a hub for clean coal research. The $12 million initiative is part of the University’s $60 million effort to “advance education and research related […]

| Staff Reporter

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