The winter holiday guide For Dummies

Surviving Finals  When planning out your studying, prioritize your hardest and most important finals. You might not have time to fully study for every class, so make sure you set aside enough time to review for the most important finals, and trust yourself for the others. – Elizabeth Grieve, Staff Writer Making a routine is […]

Doing the math on last semester

So instead of GPA, let’s look at some other numbers that more accurately summarize the wellbeing of students during last semester.

| Forum Editor

Staff Editorial: Finals are around the corner, here’s how to get prepared

To combat some of the unwanted feelings that accompany finals near the holidays, the Student Life Editorial Board members share their tips and ideas on how to get through this finals season.

Audiophiles: Holiday albums to avoid studying for finals to

As the semester winds down, the one thing everyone has been dreading begins to loom over our heads—finals. So, to prepare for finals and the holly jolly holiday season, here is a mix of albums from holiday seasons old and new to listen to as you as you avoid studying for finals.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

How to stay stylish and comfortable during reading week and finals

With classes finally at an end, students are able to collectively let out a sigh of relief. But that feeling is quickly stripped away as finals rapidly approach. Though you may no longer have to stunt on everyone in your classes, that isn’t a reason to let yourself go completely. You’re still going to spend time studying and taking exams on campus, so you want to be as presentable as possible under all the pressure.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Editor

Study tips for those that don’t want to do work over Thanksgiving break

Gobble, gobble! Do you hear that? That’s the sound of a week of freedom with zero work stress, zero classes and a ton of Netflix time (The Crown is out!). Except, what about after Thanksgiving? We have one week of classes, then finals are aggressively upon us. As a result, I always take advantage of the week preceding Thanksgiving break to get a head start on any final projects, essays or exams.

Maddie Chiu | Contributing Writer

It takes more than a poster

Wash. U.’s demanding environment, when combined with as the driven personalities of students handling the school’s workload, produce a culture of stress that is especially prevalent during this time of year.

Olivia Quinn | Contributing Writer

Staff editorial: Finals week calls for cooperation

The last few weeks of each semester are laden with stress for everyone—more so than the already stressful, typical week in the life of a Washington University student.

Study playlists to help you through your finals week

If you’re like me and can’t stand to do work in silence, here are some suggestions for the soundtrack to your finals success.

| Music Editor

Staff ed: How to take care of yourself during finals

Be nice to your body during finals week. Eat an apple, close your eyes and slap on a face mask.

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