How to stay stylish and comfortable during reading week and finals

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Editor

With classes finally at an end, students are able to collectively let out a sigh of relief. But that feeling is quickly stripped away as finals rapidly approach. Though you may no longer have to stunt on everyone in your classes, that isn’t a reason to let yourself go completely. You’re still going to spend time studying and taking exams on campus, so you want to be as presentable as possible under all the pressure.

Though you may be a stressed-out mess on the inside, you don’t have to look like it. The last thing you want to do is let yourself fall apart under the pressure. So here I have a few tips on how to stay stylish despite slowly being consumed by reading week.

The first and easiest thing to neglect when cramming for days on end is personal hygiene. When you get caught up working for hours and days, you can start to lose track of the things you need to do to take care of yourself. You might forget to eat a meal, brush your teeth, shower, change your clothes for a few days, etc.

This is an easy way to screw up your finals by letting yourself succumb to the stress to the point where it harms your personal health. It’s important to take care of yourself, not just for your appearance, but for your own personal wellness. Stick to your normal routine; it’ll help keep your days structured and prevent you from looking like a stressed out mess, even if you are one.

The most important thing when dressing during finals is staying comfortable. Regardless of your studying habits, you’re going to collectively be spending hours and hours working during the week. The last thing you want to do is wear something uncomfortable that will hinder your concentration. Now, this obviously subjective. What one person finds comfortable may not be the same as another person.

My go-to outfit for a long study day is a nice, well-tapered pair of jogger sweatpants, a hoodie and a pair of running shoes. This allows me to stay comfortable, but presentable at the same time. Make sure whatever you wear also fits well and is flattering on you. Super baggy sweatpants and sweatshirts that make you look like a kid wearing their parents’ clothes may be comfortable, but will make you look sloppy.

Though finals may be stressful and cause you to feel like you’re about to collapse, staying well put together can help you to stay focused and calm. The more you succumb to the stress and pressure, the more it will affect you. By sticking to your normal routine and wearing clothes that make you feel good and comfortable, you’ll be able to stay looking good, feeling good and more productive during the hell that is finals.

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