Professor Jonathan Losos explains evolutionary biology using cats

Jonathan Losos, professor and director of the Living Earth Collaborative, spoke on “The Science of Cats and the Future of Nature” in a talk co-hosted by the Washington University Alumni Association and the College of Arts & Sciences on Dec. 11 in Wrighton Hall.

| Staff Writer

Sticker shock: The importance of science in education

Raising a generation of well-informed, scientifically minded—or, at the very least, scientifically knowledgeable students—is the first step to a self-sustaining cycle of advancement.

| Senior Forum Editor

Where to draw the line: separating church and state

According to a new poll announced under the fairly self-explanatory banner in the Huffington Post, “Christianity as state religion supported by one-third of Americans, poll finds,” a comfortable chunk of Americans really hate the Constitution. Given that separation of church and state is supposedly a given in America, should we the people be alarmed?

| Senior Forum Editor

WU professor connects humans to their Neanderthal ancestors

In a world in which people pride themselves on the virtues of being human, physical anthropology professor Erik Trinkaus aims to unite modern man with the Neanderthal—society’s depiction of the village idiot.

| Staff Reporter

Creationist group hands out Darwin’s ‘Origin’ on campus

Last Wednesday, local non-student Christians handed out free copies of Charles Darwin’s “The Origin of Species” with a new introduction containing creationist arguments against evolution.

| Staff Reporter

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