election 2008

Who must “we” be?

I’ve always enjoyed movie scenes in which a mob of sports fans, buzzing with jubilation, simultaneously rush the streets after their team wins a championship. I’m not sure whether this type of celebration actually ever happens in real life, but I’ve always hoped it does. Moreover, I’ve always wanted to be a part of the mob. Much to my dismay, however, growing up in a city completely without professional sports has prevented this dream from being realized.

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McCain Defeated, late-night world looks on in sadness

This is a terrible turn of events, nation. Although all the polls seemed to indicate otherwise, in our hearts we true Americans knew McCain would somehow emerge victorious. A McCain victory would have meant four more years of political gaffes, poor judgment, disdain of diplomacy and hypocritical press statements; in short, four more years of […]

A tragic metamorphsis

I’m not going to lie: To a long-time McCain supporter, it must seem almost ridiculous that he would have to directly declare his separation from the man whom Garrison Keillor, saint that he is, will only refer to as the Current Occupant.

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We’re all Americans

Over the past few weeks Student Life has received and printed a litany of opinion-editorial pieces from Republicans and Democrats arguing about the ethical imperatives behind each of their positions and arguing about how both sides frame each other and treat each other.

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The intolerance of liberals

A friend of my roommate’s, Sarah, came up to me and smiled. She said, “I didn’t know you were a Republican. That’s cool, I am too.” Unlike me, wearing a College Republican shirt and holding a McCain-Palin sign, she had nothing political on her. I asked her why she didn’t want to come help make a presence at the show, and she told me that she has two ultra-liberal suitemates who didn’t know she was a conservative.

| Op-Ed Submission

Obama rally at Arch draws 100K

The area around Liberty Memorial and the Gateway Arch was crowded with 100,000 people on Saturday afternoon, all of whom had a single intent: to see Barack Obama.

| Contributing Reporter

Treasury approves Rove speech

After nearly an hour of passionate debate Tuesday night, Student Union Treasury voted to approve a $35,000 emergency appeal to bring Republican political strategist Karl Rove to campus.

| News Editor

Why I’m voting in California

It’s time to come clean to all the people who were stationed at the underpass, in front of Center Court and outside of my classes asking, in anticipation of the Missouri voter registration deadline, “Are you registered to vote in Missouri?” No, I’m not.

Making a case for the Republicans

I found Dave Shapiro’s recent column, “Republican vote takes more than just taxes,” presumptuous and offensive.

| Op-Ed Submission

Voter registration backlog worries students

With voter registration closed since Oct. 8, many Washington University students are wondering whether their registration forms will be processed in time.

| Contributing Reporter

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